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Allison Transmission and Yutong Expand Presence in Rwanda

Mar 21, 2024

The latest delivery of Allison-equipped city buses arrives in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, where Yutong buses with Allison Torqmatic® Series transmissions have been in operation since 2014. Allison plans to support continued growth in the region with a new authorized service location in Rwanda. Full Story

New Orleans RTA Selects Allison eGen Flex®-Equipped New Flyer Electric Hybrid Buses

Mar 20, 2024

In support of the city's emergency preparedness plans, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) selected Allison's eGen Flex® electric hybrid propulsion system, in part, for its dependable rechargeable energy storage capabilities. Full Story

KS Pulverizadores Unveils First Brazilian Agriculture Sprayer Equipped with Allison Fully Automatic Transmission

Mar 19, 2024

KS Pulverizadores selected Allison 2000 Series™ fully automatic transmissions for Brazil’s first Allison-equipped ag sprayer to improve overall vehicle performance, including unparalleled maneuverability in a wide variety of soil conditions. Full Story

Cargo Truck Owner Drives Hyundai Pavise Equipped with Allison Automatics for 150,000 Kilometers

Mar 15, 2024

A Korean cargo truck driver has successfully driven a Hyundai Pavise equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission for over 150,000 kilometers, praising its convenience and efficiency. Full Story

Allison Transmission and LiuGong Forge Winning Partnerships with Indonesian Mining Companies

Mar 15, 2024

Allison and LiuGong have partnered to provide Indonesian mining companies with wide body dump trucks equipped with Allison Wide Body Dump (WBD) Series™ transmissions, which have proven to be highly efficient and reliable in harsh working conditions, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. Full Story

Foselev Selects Allison Transmission for Three-Axle Mobile Crane

Mar 15, 2024

The Foselev Group has selected Allison Transmission's Specialty Series for its SANY SAC 600 E three-axle mobile crane, citing the transmission's efficiency on the road and agility on construction sites as key factors in their decision. Full Story

Brazilian Marines Receive Joint Light Tactical Vehicles Equipped with Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions

Mar 14, 2024

The Brazilian Navy has received its second of three deliveries of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions. Full Story

Allison Transmission and UD Trucks Drive Success for Modern Lotus’s Distribution Center in Upcountry Thailand

Mar 13, 2024

Allison Transmission and UD Trucks Thailand have partnered to provide efficient transportation and logistics services for Lotus's distribution center in northeastern Thailand, using UD Croner trucks equipped with Allison automatic transmissions. With an impressive 95% on-road availability, these trucks ensure reliable and timely delivery of goods to over 300 Lotus's stores in the region, thanks to the dependable performance and efficiency offered by Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions. Full Story

Port Authority of Thailand Elevates Efficiency with Allison Automatic Transmissions in Terminal Tractor Fleet

Mar 13, 2024

The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) has enhanced efficiency and durability in port operations by equipping its terminal tractor fleet with Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmissions, contributing to smooth cargo movement and advanced yard management. Full Story

MarinoBus Receives 50 Van Hool TDX27 Astromegas Fitted with Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions

Mar 11, 2024

MarinoBus, a leading Italian transportation provider, has added Van Hool double-decker buses equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions to its fleet. Full Story