Norwegian Crane Transport Company Achieves Unmatched Jobsite Access with Allison-Equipped TATRA Trucks

BJØRKELANGEN, June, May 2024 - Slorafoss Crane Transport is an established crane company founded in 2012. Since then, they have provided services with a focus on efficiency and accessibility specialized in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Their expertise, combined with their dedicated team of professionals, enables them to tackle challenging tasks and deliver solutions that meet their customers' unique needs.

"Our main clients work off road in challenging terrain deep in the forest and up steep hills. We work for those expanding the power grid in Norway, among other assembly jobs. This requires extra tough utility vehicles, and I have spent many years building vehicles that ensure we can reach places no one else can," said Richard Slorafoss, Owner of Slorafoss Crane Transport AS. "We have spent a couple of years creating a niche where we can take on jobs that no one else can. This required us to think outside the box and take calculated risks. This approach also guided our vehicle selection process, leading us to commission the custom-built TATRA Phoenix with a transmission from Allison Transmission. Our goal was to secure equipment that's virtually non-existent in Northern Europe."

It is crucial for Slorafoss Crane Transport AS to get the maximum out of a vehicle.

"I've owned 14 other crane trucks, and what matters most is their performance. After trying various options, I settled on a TATRA truck. It had to be a TATRA with a durable transmission," said Slorafoss. "TATRA stands out; there's nothing quite like it. It was crucial to have a quality transmission, and I opted for Allison for its durability and performance."

The Norwegian crane company has tested the TATRA crane truck throughout the winter, and several have taken note of the unique vehicle.

"It's unbeatable and incredibly enjoyable to operate. Both the machine and transmission are equipped to tackle any challenge. Throughout the winter, we've completed numerous projects in forest terrain, including the most rugged landscapes, and the transmission has performed flawlessly. It shifts gears seamlessly, offering the option for manual or automatic operation, with exceptional precision. Others have remarked that this vehicle is truly remarkable," said Slorafoss.

With many years behind the wheel, there is one thing that is important for Slorafoss when it comes to transmissions.

"Reliability is paramount when it comes to the transmission. In the forest and challenging terrain, there's no room for doubt about its performance. I shouldn't have to worry about the transmission while working—it needs to be dependable regardless of the terrain or situation."

After almost a year with the latest combination of TATRA and Allison Transmission, there is no doubt about what Slorafoss will choose going forward.

"After a year of use, it's evident that the synergy between TATRA and Allison Transmission is spot on. There have been no issues whatsoever—no interruptions, no overheating. It possesses capabilities unmatched by any other crane trucks. I take immense pride in this vehicle," said Slorafoss. "Should we embark on building something even more rugged than what we have today, it will follow the same blueprint—a larger crane, a bigger axle and naturally an Allison transmission."

The rugged terrain the vehicle operates in highlights Allison's performance in the most extreme conditions, underlining the importance of the company’s Continuous Power Technology™, which transmits more power to the wheels, prevents power interruption during gear shifts and guarantees optimal traction at all times in all kinds of terrains.

TATRA has been supported with Allison fully automatic transmission solutions, aftermarket services and spare parts for their vehicle platforms through NIMDA, the Allison Authorized Distributor for the Czech Republic since 2007.

Jun 04, 2024


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