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Allison Transmission has been dedicated to quality since our inception in 1915. We continually strive to improve our products and services through a commitment to our Quality Policy:


Through leadership in people, teamwork, innovation and continual improvement, Allison is committed to high-quality products and services generating enthusiasm from our customers. We’ll work to achieve this goal through a quality system and quality network strategies that create an atmosphere conducive to providing consistent customer value and quality.


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Product Cybersecurity Vulnerability Disclosure

Allison is committed to its Product security at all the phases of the Product’s lifecycle from design to decommissioning. We are committed to protecting the product through different measures when a risk is identified. Anyone aware of any security vulnerability on the Allison Product can disclose it by emailing product.cybersecurity@allisontransmission.com. We will protect the identity of the individuals reporting vulnerabilities.

Our Product Cybersecurity team will acknowledge all the received vulnerability reports on Allison products. We investigate, fix and deploy the solution appropriately following Allison’s product risk assessment procedures.

Product Cybersecurity Policy