Become an Allison Authorized Dealer

Allison Transmission is committed to service excellence through its growing Allison Authorized Service Network of more than 1,400 locations worldwide. Our Allison Authorized Distributors are dedicated to providing the resources needed to help their dealers grow their businesses and better serve their customers.

The Authorized Advantage 

A partnership with your local Allison Authorized Distributor and Allison means you will have a team continually investing in your success. You will gain access to a range of resources and support to better serve your customers:

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Maintenance Dealer Service Capabilities

As a maintenance dealer, your service capabilities will include:

  • Distributing Allison Genuine Parts™
  • Diagnostic troubleshooting through Allison DOC®
  • Fluid and filter changes with Allison Approved Fluids
  • Removal and replacement with Allison ReTran®
  • Service and repairs including:
    • Speed sensors
    • Valve bodies
    • TCMs
    • Shift selectors
    • Solenoids
    • Temperature sensors
    • Internal wire harness 
    • Replacement of front and rear seals
    • Torque converter replacements


To become an Allison Authorized Dealer, your location must:

  • Enroll at least two trained technicians in Allison Instructor Led Training (ILT) at your local Allison Authorized Distributor
  • Have all essential tools and software such as Allison DOC®, a transmission turn stand and other essential tools and equipment
  • Obtain Allison Authorized signage to be displayed at your place of business
  • Order the recommended initial parts stocking from your Allison Authorized Distributor

Join the Network

To learn more about becoming an Allison Authorized Dealer and to begin the application process, contact your nearest Allison Authorized Distributor by using our Sales + Service Locator and ask to speak with their Dealer Development Manager.

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Accelerate Your Business Growth

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