Allison Transmission is a leading global supplier of commercial-duty fully automatic coach transmissions. We are committed to providing maximum operating value, ease of operation and superior passenger safety and comfort.

Allison offers a complete range of fully automatic transmissions (“Allison Automatics”) for coaches. From smooth shifting and excellent fuel economy to proven durability, Allison has worked consistently to design and build transmissions to equip the world’s finest coaches.

See how the numerous features of Allison Automatics help provide safe, efficient and economical transport for coach passengers around the world.


Experience the Benefits

Allison Automatics are designed with features that improve passenger safety and comfort while delivering impressive fuel economy with proven reliability and durability.

Superior comfort and safety

When it comes to operating a fleet of coaches, there’s nothing more important than delivering your passengers and cargo to their destination. We concentrate on supplying transmissions that provide safety and comfort with seamless shifts. 

Without the distraction of manually changing gears, drivers are able to keep both hands on the wheel and focus on the traffic around them. While the smooth, seamless fully automatic shifting is safer, it’s also better for passenger comfort. With an Allison, there are no hesitations or jerks during gearshifts. The smooth acceleration and quiet operation ensure that passengers have a comfortable and relaxing ride.

Improved maneuverability and shorter route times

Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ allows our fully automatic transmissions to simply and smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the wheels, letting the driver focus on handling and maneuvering the coach. This is especially important in heavy traffic situations and narrow roadways when maneuvering ease is critical.

The smooth, seamless power also results in higher coach efficiency. This means higher average speeds and shorter route times to meet schedules.

Lower costs, easier maintenance

Allison transmissions are known for their reliability. This means keeping your Allison-equipped coaches on the road and in service.

With Allison’s Prognostics feature, you can quickly monitor oil life, filter life and transmission health to take the guesswork and hassle out of scheduling routine vehicle maintenance. This saves time and money while providing maximum protection for the transmission.

And if ever needed, our global network of authorized service locations will provide the Allison authorized service you expect.

Gear selector technology

Work Smarter

Allison Automatics have both intelligence and strength. We offer a number of Smart Controls – electronic control features that can help increase productivity, lower fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs and improve overall coach safety. Features include:

  • Adapting to conserve fuel by reducing load on the engine when a vehicle is stopped
  • Automatically selecting neutral when the parking brake is applied
  • Choosing the optimum shift points based on load and terrain
  • Limiting vehicle acceleration rate, when desired by the fleet, to control aggressive driving 
  • Enhancing braking with Allison’s ABS and EBS-compatible integral retarder

Models + Ratings

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer several models tailored to different requirements. This gives you ultimate control over selecting the features and power you need. Known as the Bus Series, these transmissions are designed to provide smooth shifting, solid fuel economy and world-class performance – all while making sure your passengers are safe and comfortable.

Reference the specification information below to compare our transmissions in the Bus Series and find the model that best meets your business needs. Information and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Please check with your vehicle salesperson to ensure offerings.

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Customer Profiles

We’ve told you why we think Allison Automatics are the highest class of the transmission world – now you can hear it straight from the customer. Check out this customer profile for more information on how Allison Automatics are playing key roles in the success of transportation companies everywhere.

As part of its plan to redefine leisure travel, Greyhound Lines conducted lengthy and extensive fuel economy and reliability studies to ensure its new fleet was equipped with the most fuel-efficient technology. Based on this, they specified Allison Automatics for their new motor coaches.
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"We focused on the Allison product because of its huge gains to the overall package of the vehicle; it increased our efficiency."
Alexander Cook, Chief Engineer of First Group America/Greyhound Lines