eGen Flex™

The Next Step on the Road to Full Electrification

Allison Transmission is leading the charge in innovative propulsion solutions. Now we’re taking our proven H 40/50 EP™ electric hybrid propulsion systems to the next level with the eGen Flex™ electric hybrid, which provides revolutionary capabilities and fully electric propulsion when you need it, without the added infrastructure requirements of full EV.

Our electric hybrid systems continue to demonstrate bottom-line operating benefits for municipalities and fleets all over the world while delivering industry-leading performance, reliability and durability.

Delivering the flexibility to meet your changing needs

We’re always developing new hardware and technologies that will lead to a cleaner future. As community requirements change, so do our products. Allison is committed to zero-emission technologies, so we’ve evolved our electric hybrid propulsion solution to use geofencing to automatically switch to full electric drive in designated Zero Emission Zones and depot zones. We’re not slowing down on the road to full electrification and cleaner, quieter communities.

Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels at the Pump

  • Improved fuel economy up to 25% versus conventional diesel bus
  • Operate accessories such as air conditioning and heat at their optimal efficiency with clean and quiet electric power

Enhance Quality of Life

  • No engine emissions or noise while loading and unloading passengers and in dense pedestrian areas

Protect the Environment

  • Electric vehicle operation in Zero Emission Zones and bus depots with geofencing capability
  • Up to 10 miles electric range, duty-cycle and axle-ratio dependent
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs

  • Eliminate inefficient belt-driven accessories and reduce the load on the engine
  • Reduced brake wear through electric hybrid regenerative braking
  • Industry’s most reliable name in electric hybrid propulsion


Discover the Allison Advantage

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