Our transmissions are the preferred choice of sanitation departments around the world because they make fleets more productive. They provide superior acceleration when compared to an automated manual transmission (AMT), enabling roll-offs and traditional collection trucks to collect more trash in the same amount of time.

How Fleets Go Further with Allison

Outstanding Value

Allison’s high-quality, ultra-reliable automatic transmissions provide peace of mind—refuse fleet owners don’t have to worry about the increased repairs, downtime and maintenance of AMT vehicles. The most uptime means the industry’s best total cost of ownership.

The Optional Integral Retarder

Our fully automatic transmissions provide industry-leading ease of operation versus the stress and rougher ride of an AMT vehicle due to our optional integral retarder, which takes the load off the service brakes, reducing heat and fade.

Start-Stop Fuel Economy

Since our torque converter supports the engine during vehicle startability, Allison-equipped vehicles deliver peak fuel efficiency.

Smart Controls

Allison transmissions have brains in addition to muscle. Allison’s latest electronic Input/Output control technology and software packages provide precisely the performance and efficiency features needed to get your job done on time and under budget.

Relentless Innovation

Allison Transmission is leading the charge in innovative propulsion solutions. Our eGen Power™ fully integrated zero emission electric axle is a powerful option with unprecedented capabilities, perfect for fleets headed down the path to full electrification.