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Allison Connected Services

Allison Connected Services provides fleet managers with visibility to critical maintenance data that improves uptime and service efficiency in their Allison equipped medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Fleet managers can better maintain their transmissions and hybrid electric propulsion systems with access to the right information to make critical maintenance decisions.


An Innovative Approach

You want total confidence in the status and condition of your vehicles. Allison Connected Services partners with trusted fleet management providers and eliminates the need for separate apps and web pages. Using real-time data, you can make accurate, proactive decisions to increase productivity and efficiency. You get:


  • Diagnostic and maintenance information built into partners’ applications
  • Insights on oil and filter life, clutch health and diagnostic transmission information
  • Indication of fault severity and recommendations from Allison Transmission on next steps to address maintenance requirements
  • Guidance to the closest Allison Transmission dealer to get maintenance items addressed
  • Detailed description of impact to vehicle operation based on active faults



  • Current Partners

  • Supported Models

  • Current Diagnostics

  • Data Service Agreement


Supported Models White navigation arrow

  • 1000 Series™
  • 2000 Series™
  • 3000 Series™
  • 4000 Series™
  • H 40/50 EP™
  • eGen Flex™
  • All Allison 5th + 6th Generation Controls

Current Diagnostics White navigation arrow

  • Fault descriptions for Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Prognostic insights for oil life, filter life, and clutch health
  • Check Transmission lamp status
  • Impact to vehicle operation based on the active fault
  • Severity of the active fault
  • Nearest Allison Authorized Service Location

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Bottom Line

Fleet managers can work confidently, knowing that Allison Connected Services will help increase uptime and service efficiency.


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