Freightliner truck equipped with an Allison transmission

Municipal + Utility Services

Your drivers perform the work that keeps a community moving – fixing power outages, clearing and cleaning city streets, repairing roads and more. In this line of work, vehicle failure is not an option. That’s why Allison Transmission has created transmissions designed to handle difficult conditions and perform at peak level, every single day.

Additionally, Allison fully automatic transmissions (“Allison Automatics”) deliver solid fuel efficiency, superior performance and outstanding vehicle safety.

See how the numerous features of Allison Automatics help you get the most benefit and value from your transmission. You’ll know why cities around the globe count on Allison to keep them moving forward.


Experience the Benefits

Allison designs and builds transmissions with the goal of helping you, the customer, efficiently run your operation. We aim to push performance in ways that help you get work done smarter and more effectively.

With Allison Automatics, we offer features designed specifically to increase performance and decrease costs for maintenance and repair.

Superior vehicle control

Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ allows our fully automatic transmissions to simply and smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the wheels. This means superior acceleration and a smooth drive, effortless shifting, precise traction control and improved maneuverability – even in harsh or rugged conditions. It also helps the driver control the vehicle at low speeds so that maneuvering in confined spaces and narrow streets becomes virtually effortless. And if a time arises when you need to operate in the countryside, the enhanced vehicle control offered with an Allison Automatic allows off-road work to be less demanding. 

Furthermore, Allison’s Power Take-Off (PTO) provision, which draws energy from the truck’s running engine, enables you to power your attachments and accessories with ease. 

Whether driving on a smooth surface, a gravel road or up and down hills, an Allison Automatic is your solution for productivity.

Better fuel efficiency

With an Allison Automatic, you can achieve an optimum level of fuel economy and performance. Our transmissions offer load-based shift schedules to automatically enhance fuel savings or add more power when needed. In ‘economy mode,’ the transmission shifts at lower engine speeds to provide fuel savings, and upshifts at higher speeds for greater acceleration when required for the vehicle load and road conditions.

Improved safety

Allison has been perfecting its transmissions over decades to facilitate outstanding driver safety. From combating vehicle rollback on steep grades – a major concern with manual transmissions – to providing superior vehicle control and maneuverability, Allison Automatics help reduce accidents and improve driver awareness, comfort and safety.

Reliable, efficient operation

Allison believes durability is a key factor in productivity. A vehicle sitting in the shop is costing you money – repairs are expensive and productivity is lost. That’s why Allison has worked to build some of the most reliable transmissions in the world. They’re built to last, and they don’t experience the same wear and tear that manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs) have as a result of a starting clutch. Allison Automatics help keep your vehicles in service and out of the shop.

Gear selector technology

Work Smarter

Allison Automatics have both intelligence and strength. We offer a number of Smart Controls – electronic control packages that can help increase productivity, lower fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety. Features include:

  • Adapting to conserve fuel by reducing the load on the engine when a vehicle is stopped
  • Avoiding unwanted shifts out of neutral when the PTO is enabled
  • Automatically selecting neutral when the parking brake is applied
  • Choosing the optimum shift points based on load and terrain
  • Limiting vehicle acceleration rate, when desired by the fleet, to control aggressive driving

Models + Ratings

To meet the needs of our customers, Allison offers several models tailored to different requirements. This gives you ultimate control over selecting the features and power needed to get the job done. Known as the Rugged Duty Series, these transmissions are designed to be reliable in all driving conditions and always perform at their peak so you can get more work done.

Reference the specification information below to compare our transmissions in the Rugged Duty Series and find the model that best meets your business needs. Information and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Please check with your vehicle salesperson to ensure offerings.

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Rugged Duty Series

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Customer Profiles

We’ve told you why we think Allison Automatics are the class of the transmission world – now you can hear it straight from the customer. Check out this customer profile for more information on how Allison Automatics are playing key roles in the success of companies everywhere.

Skara-Götene Bärgningstjänst is a small towing company in Götene, Sweden, about 150 km north east of Gothenburg. The company has two Allison-equipped tow trucks in its fleet, serving as lorry platform towing trucks for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that tow up to 60 tons.

"After a couple of years driving with my automatic transmission, I have noticed many benefits compared to manual and semi-automatic alternatives, which are at least as important as the driving comfort. I don't lose any power when accelerating, and I have also noticed how the maintenance costs have been minimized."
Stig Andersson, Owner of Skara-Götene Bärgningstjänst (Götene, Sweden)