A school bus travels down a street. A blue rendered retarder is shown coming from the back.

Pupil Transport/Shuttle Series™

The choice is easy—trust an Allison to reliably get kids to and from school. Nearly all large school buses in the U.S. are equipped with an Allison, and thanks to superior reliability and durability, a growing number of school systems around the world rely on us.


Typical Applications

Class 5-8 School Bus
School Use – School Bus, Non-School Use – Church Bus, Private Academy Bus, Prison Bus, Work Bus, Poultry Bus


Class 5-7 Shuttle Bus (up to 33,000 lbs. GVW)1
Airfield Bus, Airport Shuttle, Casino Bus, Dedicated Handicap Shuttle, Hotel Shuttle, Rental Car Shuttle, Retirement Community Shuttle, Scenic Tour Bus


An image of two Allison Pupil Transport Series transmissions.

1 - Buses requiring PTO must use Bus Series™ models. All shuttle applications greater than 33,000 lbs. GVW require B 300 or B 400 transmissions.

Revenue-generating /FTA transit bus applications are excluded from Pupil Transport/Shuttle Series™ usage.