xFE is another in a string of innovative, fuel saving ideas from Allison, a leader in bus transmission technology. This extra savings results from new gear ratios designed to squeeze more value from every tank of fuel.

Fuel Efficient

xFE models have been designed to deliver significantly more torque converter lock up operation and spend more time in higher ranges at lower engine speeds producing exceptional fuel savings.

Earlier Lock Up + Lower Engine Speeds = Extra Fuel Economy


We’ve designed our transmission models with xFE to lock up at lower speeds specifically for the constant shifting and lower average speeds of city and transit buses. This means lock up happens significantly earlier and buses run longer where they are most efficient.

FuelSense® Features

To get the most out of every drop of fuel, Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls offer an enhanced array of smart controls designed to increase fuel economy for the specific needs of any application.

EcoCal—Provides lower shift points to get into lock up as soon as possible, providing necessary performance without shift cycling.

Dynamic Shift Sensing—Automatically selects between lower/higher speed shift schedules, based on the vehicle’s actual payload and the grade on which it is operating. This optimizes fuel economy while maintaining superior performance.

Acceleration Rate Management—Mitigates aggressive driving by controlling engine torque based on the vehicle’s grade and load.

Neutral At Stop—Automatically eliminates the load on the engine when the vehicle is at a full stop to save fuel and reduce overall vehicle emissions.

FuelSense® Plus package also available with xFE transmission models.


City and transit buses are the ideal application for xFE technology. The start-stop dense routes and lower average speed duty cycles present special challenges for any transmission. Allison fully automatic transmissions with xFE meet these challenges without sacrificing drivability or performance, and are compatible with alternative fuel engines. Best of all, installation of an xFE transmission is the same as a standard Allison model.

xFE Brochure

Improved Fuel Economy

xFE models can deliver up to 7% in additional fuel savings.

FuelSense 2.0 Brochure

FuelSense® 2.0

Improve your fuel economy with advanced shifting technology.