Allison Transmission stands for high quality engineering and our transmissions have the power and durability to withstand even the heaviest start-stop duty cycles. The proven reliability gives you increased uptime.


Torque Converter

Allison fully automatic transmissions are the preferred choice of sanitation departments around the world because they make fleets more productive. Within the refuse market’s tight, demanding schedules, Allison Automatics are the most efficient transmissions. They provide superior acceleration when compared to a manual or AMT. This improved acceleration enables trucks to collect more trash in the same amount of time, improving your fleet’s productivity.


Integral Retarder

The integral retarder in an Allison fully automatic transmission sets it apart from a manual or AMT. It helps the vehicle to slow down with less wear on the braking system. This results in greater control, maneuverability and optimized driving performance that will get you to your destination safely while minimizing brake usage.


Power Take-off (PTO)

Commercial vehicles often feature special equipment to execute specific work such as a refuse compactor, a hydraulic crane or a firetruck pump. Allison fully automatic transmissions are available with Power Take-Off (PTO) drive provisions in a variety of positions.


Smart Controls

Allison automatic transmissions for refuse applications have brains in addition to brawn. Advanced electronic controls provide the engine and vehicle integration needed to optimize the operational features you need to get the job done.