When tasked with the most challenging loads daily, rely on Allison Transmission to get it done.


Hareket, a heavy lifting and project transportation company based in Istanbul, Turkey, works in the petrochemical, renewable energy and power industries, specializing in greenfield development, shutdown, maintenance and offshore projects. The work is time sensitive and arduous, with transportation trucks sometimes hauling loads up to 480 tons. Hareket began using nine Volvo FH16 tractors equipped with Allison 4700 Specialty Series™ fully automatic transmissions in 2013 for its heaviest hauling projects.


The result? Allison transmissions consistently exceeded expectations and delivered on even the toughest jobs. Hareket attributes faster deliveries, more uptime and smoother operation to the Allison 4700, citing its Continuous Power Technology™ as a main driver of efficiency and profitability.


Hareket transported 172-ton loads from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan through 2500 km of hot desert conditions multiple times with zero transmission failures. Drivers even said they were more comfortable and the loads were more secure without having to worry about shifting gears. When Hareket transported a 450-ton generator alongside a 481-ton gas turbine through roads with up to 10% grades, the Allison-equipped vehicles completed the grueling task with no issues.


Allison transmissions are built to overcome factors such as terrain, weather and load weight. For Hareket’s work — delivering and transporting high tonnage loads — Allison faced every obstacle and succeeded while increasing productivity, comfort and profitability.


No matter the job, Allison is here to Improve the Way the World Works.