TIG Series

Allison continues to innovate military vehicles by coupling Transmission Integral Generators to our 3000 Series™ (3TIG) and 4000 Series™ (4TIG) transmissions.

Our 3TIG and 4TIG products are taking On-Board Vehicle Power to the next level. These complete propulsion systems deliver the continuous electricity you need to improve field logistics, stay out of harm’s way and keep your equipment running. A high-powered, permanent generator provides unmatched portable power in the field, meaning less reliance on towed gensets.

Maximum Efficiency in the Field

Not only do Allison TIGs provide constant power, they also help you run leaner and reduce your footprint on the battlefield.

  • Fewer or eliminated gensets
  • Fewer support personnel and vehicles
  • Improved mobility
  • Quicker setups and teardowns
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Power both on the move and at the halt