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The TC10® Delivers More

Real-world fleets have documented 5% better fuel economy with Allison TC10®- equipped tractors over their current manual or automated manual transmission (AMT)- equipped tractors. Thanks to FuelSense® technology, the TC10 achieves the best fuel economy, regardless of driver experience or expertise. It shifts at just the right points to maintain vehicle performance and maximize fuel economy.

The Allison TC10 Transmission Provides A Powerful And Efficient Fuel Economy Package With Proprietary Enhancements

  • The TC10 has the ability to down speed the engine and still maintain performance
  • Lock up in the first range maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Close ratio steps in the higher ranges allow for precision engine speed control, maximizing your time in the sweet spot.
  • FuelSense® features are customized specifically for tractor duty cycles.
  • Life Cycle Value

    When you factor in all life cycle costs (vehicle purchase prices, fuel, tires, preventive maintenance, component repair, driver wages and retail resale value) – along with the increased productivity – an Allison Automatic equipped-vehicle costs less per mile* to operate than a comparable competitively-equipped vehicle

    Blended Architecture

    The TC10 represents the best of both worlds by combining the powerful Allison torque converter with the drivability, performance and durability of Allison fully automatic transmissions and the cruising fuel economy inherent in twin countershaft architecture.

    Fleet Flexibility

    The TC10 not only makes it possible to have more deliveries per day, it also allows you to get more out of each truck. A TC10-equipped truck can run an urban delivery route during the day and then run a regional highway route at night.

  • The Power of the Torque Converter

    Allison’s torque converter smoothly multiplies engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. By multiplying the engine power, drivers get increased performance, faster acceleration and greater operational flexibility. An Allison fully automatic increases power while a manual or automated manual transmission (AMT) loses power with every shift. Power interrupts associated with daily shifting could cost your driving time, decreasing your productivity. An Allison Automatic eliminates power interrupts so you can accomplish more, even with a smaller engine.

    Torque Converter

    Proven Reliable And Durable

    Allison is the world’s leading supplier of fully automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles with over six million produced. We have a rock solid reputation for engineering excellence, and we give you peace of mind with a 5-year/750,000 mile warranty on every Allison TC10 automatic transmission.

  • Real-World Results Confirm Real-World Savings

    Now you can have the reliable, drive-friendly operation of an Allison fully automatic transmission and improve your Class 8 tractor fuel economy. Equipped with FuelSense, a unique package of software and electronic controls that maximizes operational efficiency, the TC10 quickly finds the right gear saving fuel and money

    Fuel Economy Improvements For Real-World Fleets

     TC10 Fuel

  • The Savings Are Automatic

    FuelSense® is the next generation in fuel-savings technology from Allison Transmission. Now you can easily provide your fleet and drivers with the tools necessary to maximize fuel economy and maintain productivity.

    To get the most out of every drop of fuel, Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls offer an enhances array of smart controls designed to increase fuel economy for the specific needs of any application.

    FS2.0 Acceleration Chart

  • Four Allison TC10 models allow you to tailor your transmission to your vehicles for increased load carrying efficiency and productivity.

    TC10 ratings chart 2