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Making Natural Gas Engines Work Better

For over 60 years, Allison fully automatic transmissions have been recognized as reliable, productive and trouble-free. Allison Automatics are perfectly suited to natural gas engines, both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), in a wide range of applications.

The inherent benefits of Allison's Continuous Power Technology™, featuring full-power shifts and patented torque converter, realize the best performance and most efficient use of fuel from your work truck.

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Get More Done

Superior work trucks accomplish more with the increased efficiency and performance provided by Allison fully automatic transmissions. Get the best response times from your alternative fuel-powered engine with uninterrupted torque during shifts. By getting more power to the wheels throughout the duty cycle, Allison Automatics reduce cycle times and operating expenses, so your truck can get more work done while saving money.

Improved Startability + Launch

Fuel efficient natural gas engines are more responsive when joined to an Allison Automatic. Allison's patented torque converter technology multiplies engine torque to significantly improve startability and launch, even on steep grades.

Compared to manual and automated-manual transmissions, Allison Automatics enable more responsive accelerations, improving the ability of commercial-duty CNG/LNG engines to accomplish more work.

continuous power

Allison fully automatic transmissions allow alternative fuel-powered engines to operate at a more consistent engine speed, maximizing efficiency by eliminating the torque interrupts of a manual or automated manual transmission.

An optional output retarder, available on many Allison models, improves overall braking resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Make sure your fleet gets more done by spending more time on the road and less time in the shop with Allison fully automatic transmission for CNG/LNG vehicles.

Quiet Solutions

No more ear plugs for drivers. No more neighborhood noise ordinance infractions. No more complaints during customer deliveries.

U.S. fleets note CNG truck noise reductions of 50% to 90% compared to diesel vehicle. European fleets report that an Allison-equipped CNG truck at idle is about as quiet as a passenger car cruising.

Allison-equipped natural gas vehicles are a sound solution for your customers.

Technology Driving Results

The heavy-duty Allison torque converter is at the heart of what makes an Allison Automatic the most effective, efficient and productive commercial transmission in the world. Increased performance, faster acceleration, greater operating flexibility and virtually no rollback are all advantages provided by Allison's torque converter.

Torque Converter Benefits
-  Startability allows vehicle launch at peak torque of the engine
-  Uses full engine torque and multiplies it
-  During launching, more efficient than starting clutch with no clutch slippage
-  No wear on components which means extended product life and reduced downtime
-  Very productive in stop-and-go traffic
-  Acts as a variable first gear which can more than double engine torque at launch

Allison has you Covered

Our extensive network of approximately 1,400 authorized Allison Distributors and Dealers around the world means convenient, factory-quality Allison Transmission service is always close at hand.

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Beyond Expectations

Saddle Creek, a national logistics company offering transportation, warehousing, packaging and fulfillment service, is constantly considering new ways to reduce its cost structure so they can help their customers increase their bottom line.

Watch how Allison transmissions allow CNG trucks to maintain performance using their torque converter technology.

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