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The Allison Vehicle Environmental Test (VET) Center is an industry-leading facility that allows OEMs, body builders, suppliers and end-users to satisfy their vehicle testing needs in a single, environment-controlled location.

Customers are now facing increasing system complexity, expanding regulatory requirements and higher demand for ever-faster time-to-market requirements. Allison has you covered. The VET’s one-stop chassis testing can shorten your product development cycles dramatically, facilitating efficiency and ultimately cutting down the costs of bringing your product to market. The VET provides vehicle system development and validation in repeatable, reliable and seasonally independent conditions to get the test results you require.

Results That Matter

The VET’s highly controlled environment enables an enhanced level of virtual product development, driving lower costs. Results from the VET are ideal for developing sophisticated, highly correlated simulations and models so design decisions happen early in the cycle, before prototype hardware investments.

Test Confidently

The VET is operated and managed by Allison Innovative Solutions (AIS), which ensures the facility is secured independently and is dedicated to keeping customer data and property secure and confidential.

Types of Tests

  • Vehicle and System Performance/Development/Validation
  • OBD Development
  • Product Troubleshooting
  • Regulatory (EPA 40 CRF Part 1066) Compliant
  • Fuel Economy
  • Controls Software Performance/Development/Validation
  • Simulation and Analytical Model Validation/Correlation

Key Business Challenge Solutions

  • Road & Altitude simulations
  • Regulatory Compliance/Fuel Economy
  • Developmental Testing
  • Extreme Winter/Extreme Summer – sustained any temp
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Thermal Performance Profiling

Cold Environment



Hot Environment



Altitude up to 18,000 Feet



Chassis Dynamometer

Heavy- and Medium-Duty
All Wheel Drive Vehicles (AWD)



Vehicle System Emulation


Secure and Confidential

Environment for Data and Information



How much will the facility be available to the market?

The facility’s use is intended for roughly 50% Allison work and 50% non-Allison work (available to the market).

Can I perform my own testing at your facility?

Allison Innovative Solutions will operate the following services:

  • Test vehicle moving, test preparation, and maintenance
  • Test vehicle driving on/off dyno
  • Engineering support

The customer is allowed to do the following:

  • Test vehicle preparation and maintenance
  • Customers can ride in the vehicle while our techs drive.
  • Engineering support
How do I know my information will not be shared within Allison or other competitors?

Allison Innovative Solutions (AIS) is responsible for the operations of the VET facility. AIS has separately secured data systems, management systems, and sales systems. Allison Transmission is even considered an outside customer to AIS.

Can I send my vehicles to the VET for testing without any of my own support staff?

Allison Innovative Solutions (AIS) is equipped to perform your testing based on test plans and hardware alone. A technical review will be had for each of these milestones:

  • During the quoting process
  • Kick-off meeting after PO awarded and scheduled
  • Test setup confirmation (if needed)
  • Post process data analysis
Am I only able to perform cold starts? How long until the test cell heats up when running?

Not at all. The chamber will maintain ambient temperatures (-50°C < +50°C) continuously as you run your vehicle under heavy loads. This also includes humidity control. The altitude conditions will also be held under heavy power from sea level to 5km of elevation (-40°C < +70°C inlet temperatures).


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