Volvo R100E Dump Truck Equipped with Allison Fully Automatic Transmission Increases Productivity, Reduces Operating Time for Austrian Mining Operation

TENNECK/SALZBURG, AUSTRIA, September 2023 – Deisl-Beton has been successfully operating Austria’s first Volvo R100E rigid dump truck equipped with the Allison 9610 Off Road Series™ (ORS) fully automatic transmission for just over a year at the Sulzau rock mining operation in Tenneck. The truck transports heavy loads of loosened rock over narrow gravel paths and challenging terrain to deliver loads to a crushing plant in the Salzburg Alps. The Allison 9610 ORS, paired with a 783 kW Cummins QST30 engine, enables the vehicle to navigate safely over steep gravel tracks and transport 100 metric tons per load.

Deisl-Beton GmbH operates the Sulzau quarry in Tenneck approximately 40 kilometers south of Salzburg. The quarry is located in the midst of the Salzburger Kalkhochalpen (Northern Limestone Alps), in a valley basin at the foot of mountain massifs over 2000 meters high (6,500 feet). The mined lime/dolomite is important raw material for the construction industry. The extracted and processed material supplies stone, asphalt and concrete for the local industry. In order to be able to transport the large quantities of rock of up to 600,000 tons per year in a cost-effective and reliable way, Deisl had been looking for a dump truck with a large loading capacity for some time.

With support of the Austrian Volvo dealer Ascendum, a nearly new R100E vehicle was located in Sweden and transported to Austria, in order to replace a smaller dump truck. The Volvo R100E's 64 m3 dump capacity is 30% higher than its predecessor, a Terex TR70, which has positively impacted productivity and significantly reduced the cost per ton of each load.

“We were looking for a rigid frame dump truck that had a high pay load, was reliable and was easy to drive. Given the positive experiences we had with Allison in the past, we intentionally sought out a new dump truck equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission,” said Christopher Deisl, Managing Director, Deisl-Beton. “We are highly satisfied with the new vehicle. It manages more payload in less time, which increases productivity and ultimately reduces the operating time for machine operators and the dump truck. Compared to the previous vehicle, the costs per ton transported are considerably lower. In addition, the time savings are largely beneficial. We can now transport the required quantities of material to the quarry in a shorter time. This enables us to reduce the work hours of drivers, which is especially valuable in times of driver shortages.”

The R100E is not a vehicle Deisl plans to purchase every couple of years. He continued, "We need a robust machine equipped with reliable engine and transmission technology that will last for at least 20 years. I expect the Allison heavy-duty ORS transmission will deliver on this need.”

The Volvo transports loads of approximately 100 tons of rock over a total distance of around one kilometer per load. During the course of a day, it travels a distance between 80 and 100 kilometers (50 miles), but never reaches its theoretical maximum speed of 50 kilometers (18.6 mph) per hour. Continuously hauling these heavy loads across several quarry levels puts the vehicle and the drivetrain under continuous stress.

Nevertheless, chauffeur Rupert Wieland is completely relaxed. In fact, the former long-distance truck driver was about to retire when he was offered the job at Deisl-Beton. "A vehicle like this with over 1,000 horsepower and a fully automatic transmission is really something special, so I just couldn't say no," said Rupert. Rupert travels the distance between the excavator loading the dump truck and the stationary crushing plant approximately four to five times an hour. He explained, "The fully automatic transmission means the dumper is very easy to operate, almost like a passenger car. Even on steep inclines, the Allison transmission shifts like clockwork. There is no rollback, and no shift interruptions. With this technology, I feel really safe and my work is fun".

Despite its huge dimensions of 11 meters (36 ft) in length, 7 meters (23 ft) in width and 5 meters (16.4 ft) in height, the R100E is extremely maneuverable. In the quarry, the benefits of the two-axle machine system are particularly evident. It delivers impressive maneuverability thanks to a tight turning circle of just 13 meters (42.65 ft), and low operating costs thanks to low rolling resistance and tire wear.

"For us, it is very important that the vehicles only stop for routine maintenance and inspections," says Deisl. "And with Allison, we are confident that there will be less downtime at our quarry."

"Automatic transmissions require less maintenance and have a longer service life than manual and automated manual transmissions. To meet the requirements at Deisl-Beton, the Volvo R100E was designed with the Allison 9610 ORS transmission," said Lukas Exenberger, sales representative, Ascendum. "The R100E handles any job. The combined and reinforced driveline delivers high torque, unmatched tractive effort and excellent traction, which reduces travel times."

Allison 9610 ORS transmissions are designed for the toughest construction and mining applications. They feature Continuous Power Technology™, which transfers more power to the wheels through the torque converter than other transmission technologies. With an Allison fully automatic transmission, there is no interruption in tractive effort when changing gears, and the operator is in full control of the vehicle. With two speed reverse, an integrated trim boost system for improved shift quality, and optimized gear ratio steps, the 9610 transmission offers an excellent solution for use in extreme heavy-duty applications.

Allison transmissions automatically adjust shift points to reduce fuel consumption. When the dump truck body is empty, the transmission shifts at lower engine speeds to consume less fuel. When fully loaded, the transmission shifts at higher engine speeds to deliver more power. Allison transmissions also control downshifting to allow the hydraulic retarder to maintain speed downhill and reduce the need to apply the service brake. Moreover, it allows the operator to choose between different operating modes to best suit driving conditions.

See the driver Rupert Wieland and the Volvo R100E at Deisl-Beton. Please visit YouTube:

Sep 06, 2023


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