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Allison Strengthens Sydney Steel Company’s Commitment to Automatic Trucks

Marko Steel Truck

Marko Steel has chosen an Allison automatic-equipped Isuzu truck to make it easier to deliver heavy steel structures, especially to hilly seaside suburbs.

SYDNEY – Marko Steel, based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney builds specialty architectural steel structures for high-end private houses and commercial buildings. The company uses its Allison Transmission-equipped 140-260 Isuzu FSR to deliver the heavy structures to building sites throughout Sydney.

According to managing director of Marko Steel, Rob Coote, the Allison automatic was an obvious choice. Since adding the Isuzu to his fleet a year ago, practicality and ease of operation has made the truck an invaluable part of the Marko operation.

“Because many of the houses and building sites we deliver structures to are often in hilly and difficult to access areas, having an automatic-equipped truck has been the difference in some instances of being able to deliver and not being able to get into the site,” said Coote. “When you have a steel spiral staircase weighing five tons on the truck and you have to deliver it as close as possible to the place where it is going to be installed, the Allison allows us to climb steep driveways which we couldn’t get up with a manual truck,” The Marko Steel Isuzu FSR is equipped with an onboard hydraulic crane enabling it to directly unload heavy steel structures as close to the site as possible.

Coote also said the Allison makes the truck safer to drive and a lot easier to operate in Sydney traffic.

“It is a delight to drive and the transmission is beautiful, just so easy to use,” said Coote. “I know when one of my employees is driving the truck it is safer and much easier to use than a manual version, which gives me a lot of confidence.”

Coote started Marko Steel in 1980 and has built a reputation as one of the most respected architectural and structural steel fabricators in Australia, supplying intricate steel structures for leading architects on major projects around Sydney.

“Like our business, things evolve and clearly automatic trucks are the future. I would never buy another manual truck again,” said Coote.

Sep 10, 2019

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