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Lillehammer selects Allison transmission-equipped truck for clearing snow

Scania sweeper truck in Sweden equipped with 4000 series Allison transmission.

Former winter Olympics host town invested in a fully automatic Allison 4000 Series for its durability and lower maintenance costs

LILLEHAMMER, Norway – After test-driving a Scania G490 4x4 + 2 equipped with a fully automatic Allison  4000 Series™ transmission last year, Lillehammer fleet manager Bjørnar Karlsen realized that it would be the ideal truck for clearing snow in his municipality.

"For me, the best advantages with an Allison transmission is the durability and reliability, and a minimum of maintenance costs," said Karlsen. "Soft starts and quick acceleration with continuous power supply to the driving wheels makes the drive both safe and pleasant."

An old town with narrow streets in hilly terrain, snow-clearing is a challenging task for Lillehammer. With its bountiful supply of snow, the town hosted the winter Olympic games in 1994. This year, the snow depth has been 150 cm and the municipality snow pit was already full in February.

The truck is equipped with both a front plow and another one underneath. It’s also used for spreading sand and transporting snow away from central streets. With steep, icy hills requiring many stops and starts, a four-wheel-drive truck with a fully automatic Allison transmission makes the work less challenging.

"The maneuverability in very low speed is also very useful, as we often drive slow next to the front loader that loads the snow on the truck," said Karlsen.

Already owning a street sweeper equipped with an Allison, the municipality was familiar with some benefits of the fully automatic transmission.

"We have had no transmission problems whatsoever with neither the street sweeper nor our new snow plow truck," said Karlsen. "As long as you take care of the planned maintenance, they just keep working."

Apr 13, 2018

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