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Transnugon increases efficiency of natural gas vehicles with Allison transmissions

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) Scania truck with an Allison Automatic working in Spain.

Company’s Allison-equipped Scania trucks reduce fuel consumption by an extra 7 percent

MADRID, Spain – Combining a clean source of energy with fully automatic Allison transmissions has proven to be the perfect combination for Transnugon. The transport company’s Scania liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks with Allison Automatics save about 7 percent more fuel than fleet vehicles with automated manual transmissions (AMTs).

“We can confirm that the Allison gearbox affords very significant fuel savings on low-speed routes with frequent stops, which are typical of urban and interurban transport,” said Pablo Bordils, Transnugon director. “If we add this 7 percent savings to the 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption associated with the use of LNG, we are talking about a total reduction of 17 percent in comparison to diesel vehicles with an AMT in short routes.”

Two and a half years ago, coinciding with an increase in fuel prices, the Spanish transport company with international capacity began testing a number of LNG vehicles. Transnugon slashed its fuel costs by 17 percent in vehicles converted from diesel to LNG. About 7 percent of those savings were gained by replacing AMTs with Allison Automatics.

“At the time, we felt that, in addition to cost-effectiveness, the change to LNG provided an opportunity for growth through differentiation, without increasing costs for our clients,” said Bordils. Today, 25 percent of Transnugon’s 225-vehicle fleet, consisting of tractor-trailers and rigid trucks with an average age of less than two years, is powered by LNG. In support of this growth, the company built its own LNG supply station at its facility in Valencia.

Natural gas engines are more responsive when joined to an Allison transmission. Allison’s torque converter multiplies engine torque to significantly improve startability and launch. When compared to manual transmissions and AMTs, this Continuous Power Technology™ enables more responsive acceleration, higher productivity and greater efficiency – which maximize the benefits of a natural gas engine.

Greater durability is another advantage of automatic transmissions. “Manual gearboxes require skills that drivers do not always possess, which means that gearboxes must be robust and reliable,” said Bordils. “And I have yet to witness an Allison gearbox failure.”

Of the Allison-equipped LNG vehicles in the fleet, two Scania trucks are working in Valencia and seven Iveco Stralis trucks (vehicles of 18 and 26 tons, with two and three axles) are in Madrid.

“Without any doubt whatsoever, Allison offers total reliability and performance,” said Bordils. “We got it completely right when we chose Allison for our vehicles.”

Dec 01, 2017

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