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Eduric Concreteira increases productivity up to 20 percent with Allison-equipped mixer trucks


Since 2003, Rio de Janeiro’s leading concrete company has used automatic trucks to be more productive and profitable

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Leading the concrete market in Rio de Janeiro, Eduric Concreteira uses a fleet of 15 Allison-equipped mixer trucks that have proven to be more productive and profitable than manual transmission trucks.

"For curb production, the concrete mixer equipped with the automatic transmission yields 20 percent more than those with manual transmissions in terms of transported volume," said Sidnei Pereira, commercial manager for Eduric. "Both carry five cubic meters of concrete, but the automatic performs more constant and progressive work for more productivity per cubic meter unloaded."

For concrete transportation, the trucks equipped with fully automatic Allison transmissions have also proven to be more effective. "For concrete delivery on a daily basis, regardless of route, the automatics exceed the productivity of manual trucks by more than 10 percent," said Pereira. "Obviously, that has a significant impact on our business both in direct cost and bottom line results."

In addition to gains in productivity, the Allison 3000 Series™ transmission has improved Eduric’s fuel economy, with a steady consumption in any traffic or driver conditions, differently from the manuals, highly influenced by the environment and frequently consuming more than the automatic per concrete ton transported.

Eduric’s experience with the Allison Automatics also includes reduced maintenance costs. "We have used automatic trucks since 2003 and haven’t had any problems with our transmissions," said Pereira.

Alternately, Pereira mentioned the high cost to replace the clutch system that wears out with manual transmissions. "Whenever used for curb production, with a frequency of three trips per day in a month of 25 working days, the manual concrete mixer must change the clutch disk, clutch plate and clutch bearings every three months. Depending on the driver, we must even change the engine flywheel. It means that if we don’t have the truck parts, the truck will be idle for one day and a half or more."

When considering all of the advantages of an Allison transmission, Pereira points out the profitability benefit for Eduric. "Obviously, with more productivity, we earn more money. But, most importantly, the more we increase productivity, the more we reduce fixed costs and increase profits."

Feb 21, 2017

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