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First Allison-equipped Mercedes-Benz Antos rear-loader vehicles will be delivered to Jakob Becker Group

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Company has used refuse trucks with Allison fully automatic transmissions for almost 20 years; new vehicles will service the county of Kaiserslautern

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany – The first Mercedes-Benz Antos rear-loader vehicles with Allison fully automatic transmissions will be delivered to Jakob Becker Group in Mehlingen. The trucks, expected to arrive in April, will be used for waste paper collection in the county of Kaiserslautern.

The three premiere vehicles have a three-axle flatbed chassis Mercedes-Benz Antos 2535L 6x2 with steered rear axle and Faun Powerpress body. Weighing 26 tons, they are equipped with a 7.7 liter, 260 kW (354 hp) OM 936 engine and an Allison 3000 Series™ transmission.

Jakob Becker has been using Allison-equipped refuse collection vehicles since the end of the 1990s. High vehicle availability, reduced maintenance and driving comfort are among their top reasons. "Regardless of the application, we have only had positive experiences with Allison transmissions over the years," said Thomas Becker, executive director of Jakob Becker. "We expect the same with the new Mercedes-Benz Antos rear loaders."

With the new release of the Allison 3200 model transmission in the Mercedes-Benz Antos, Daimler AG responded to refuse fleet market demand for improved vehicle performance, reliability and simple operation under severe driving conditions.

Allison transmissions incorporate a patented torque converter for reduced driveline wear, lower maintenance and superior vehicle startability. This feature also allows precise vehicle control for exact alignment of bins and containers, while driving within confined spaces and working at extremely low speeds.

Furthermore, Allison Automatics deliver seamless uninterrupted power shifts for increased average speed, productivity and operator comfort. The Mercedes-Benz Antos configuration also features FuelSense®, Allison’s latest fuel-saving technology that automatically selects the optimum shift schedule based on duty cycle and road conditions. "As a municipal waste management company, the special shift schedule set according to the vehicle’s duty cycle is a real advantage that eases daily workloads," said Becker.

Jakob Becker currently has 20 Allison-equipped trucks for refuse and recycling services.

Feb 01, 2017

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