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Allison Transmission and Doosan step up defense cooperation for armed forces

Defense wheeled vehicle equipped with an Allison transmission.

Allison supplies fully automatic transmissions for the Cheonmu, a next-generation multi-rocket launching vehicle developed by Doosan

SEOUL, South Korea - Allison Transmission is now supplying its fully automatic transmissions for the Cheonmu, a next-generation multi-rocket launching vehicle developed by Doosan DST for the Republic of Korea (ROK) armed forces.

Doosan has led development efforts, providing advanced national defense solutions within Korea since its founding in 1973. Allison entered the defense market during World War I, when it began developing aircraft engines for manufacture. Today, Allison supplies transmissions for both wheeled and tracked defense vehicles worldwide.

“Allison Transmission has consistently pursued product quality, durability and reliability, leading the way in development of advanced national defense technologies,” said Kyoung-mee Lee, managing director of Allison Transmission in Korea. “We will also offer full technical support for production of the Cheonmu, a critical addition to ROK Army defense capabilities.”

Capable of precise strikes on long-range artillery, Doosan began full production of the Cheonmu, at its Changwon plant in 2015. Doosan chose the Allison 4500SP fully automatic transmission for the Cheonmu in order to optimize performance. Allison Automatics feature Continuous Power Technology™ and an advanced electronic control system to maximize engine horsepower and torque, delivering optimal vehicle performance.

Allison’s patented torque converter technology eliminates the need for a mechanical clutch, minimizing component wear and driveline damage. Allison-equipped military vehicles require less maintenance and experience fewer breakdowns than manual trucks, which means they are readily available for combat support. Whether transporting troops, deploying as mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs) or engaging with multiple rocket launchers, armed forces around the world who count on reliable vehicles, also count on Allison transmissions.

Allison transmissions are featured in U.S. Army and Marine Corps tactical vehicles, as well as South Korea’s armored vehicles and K9 Thunder self-propelled artillery, among others.

May 25, 2016

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