The Allison Manufacturing team is comprised of a variety of people, from assembly workers to supervisors with years of training under their belts. This section of the Manufacturing department has opportunities for people who work in engineering, management, logistics and quality control, just to name a few. 

Some of our professional Manufacturing positions include:

Manufacturing Supervision - As a Manufacturing Supervisor, you’ll be supervising hourly employees in direct and indirect manufacturing settings.

Facility Engineering and Supervision - Our Facility Engineers and Supervisors create the various systems that drive the manufacturing plants – everything from the design of the utility systems to the power sources, climate control, water and lighting.

Environmental Engineering and Supervision – Our Environmental Engineering and Supervision team works to control the environmental impact of our manufacturing plants. Environmental Engineers and Supervisors work with energy conservation and recycling, environmental law enforcement such as water and air pollution control, waste disposal and control of hazardous waste. They also develop internal regulations to prevent mishaps.

Manufacturing Production Control (MPC) Engineering and Supervision - As a Manufacturing Production Control Engineer or Supervisor, you’ll be planning and controlling all aspects of manufacturing, such as materials, scheduling machines and people, and coordinating suppliers and customers.

Logistics Engineering and Supervision - Our Logistics Engineers and Supervisors plan supply chains and optimize services, assist in designing and implementing solutions that improve the predictability and visibility and reduce the overall costs of supply chains.

Manufacturing Engineering - As a Manufacturing Engineer, you will analyze and modify product designs to assure manufacturability. This involves the design, selection, specification and optimization of the retired equipment, tooling, processes and operations, and the determination of other technical matters required to make products according to desired volume, timetable, cost, quality level and other specifications.

Industrial Engineering - Our Industrial Engineers work to optimize complex processes and systems to improve, implement and evaluate the integration of people, information, equipment, energy and materials to create an optimum manufacturing system.

Metallurgy Engineering - The Metallurgy Engineers work to produce metallic components used in our transmissions. This involves the production of alloys and the shaping, heat treatment and surface treatment of the components in order to achieve optimum cost, weight, strength, toughness, hardness, corrosion, fatigue resistance and performance.

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