Repair and Maintenance Information

Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) System

Allison HUB™ provides a centralized location for access to Allison technical information. Access to Allison HUB is available to everyone. Likewise, Allison HUB provides approximately 1,600 Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers worldwide additional resources that support the service of Allison transmissions.

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  • Maintain account or user status here.

If you wish to delete your HUB account, or have questions regarding HUB access, send us a message at Allison also offers Allison HUB Premium, a subscription service, which is available to all global customers and provides premium Allison HUB access to official Allison service information, technical publications and literature.

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Transmission Identification

Your transmission can be identified through the use of the transmission serial number here.

Transmission parts groups and subassemblies can be found in the Parts Catalog here.

Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Service RMI

Fluid and filter change intervals can be found here.

All maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and overhaul information can be found on ePubs. RMI content can be found by searching by topic, product family, or document type here.

Parts identification can be found here.

If applicable, field actions and recall information for your specific transmission can be found here.

Technical Service Bulletins (Tech Tips, Service Tips, Warranty Publications, etc.) can be found here.

Allison Transmission technical data, including wiring diagrams, installation drawings, transmission control systems and datalink communications documentation can be found in the Tech Data portion of Allison HUB.

The Special Service Tools Web Store allows all users the ability to find and purchase service tools which are unique to perform repair and maintenance procedures on Allison products. These tools have been designed to work efficiently and effectively without damaging your Allison Automatic.

Product training at Allison combines a variety of proven delivery methods to help ensure maximum learning potential for the service professional. All training is offered through Allison eLEARN™, our Learning Management System (LMS).

Transmission Diagnostics

DTC Identification and Resolution can be found in the Troubleshooting manual which corresponds with your transmission product family, located on ePubs here.

Symptom Resolution can be found in the appropriate Troubleshooting manual located on ePubs here.

Integrated Diagnostics: Allison DOC® (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) is a Windows-based diagnostic tool that allows users to troubleshoot and service Allison electronically controlled commercial transmissions and transmission control systems. Each Allison DOC software program requires a separate valid subscription license to activate the product. For more information about Allison DOC®, visit

Updating, Replacing and Tuning Transmission Control Modules

TCM updates and changes to Customer Modifiable Configurations are made using Allison DOC®. For more information about Allison DOC, visit

For replacement TCMs, Allison TCM Reflash™ provides customers worldwide accurate, reliable and trackable calibrations. Information on TCM Reflash is here.

Electronic Maintenance History

Warranty coverage and relevant maintenance information for each transmission can be found here using the transmission serial number.

Repair Assistance Technical Support

The Allison Technical Assistance Center (TAC) can be reached at 1-800-252-5283.

Request Contact for Specific Repair Information Topics

For inquiries regarding Allison DOC, please visit here or email

For inquiries regarding HUB access, please email

For inquiries regarding becoming an Allison Authorized service or overhaul dealer, please provide your contact information here.

For validation of independently developed non-proprietary diagnostics systems, please submit a request by contacting your local Allison office, click here.

For inquiries regarding Allison Transmission Special Service Tools, please call 1-866-621-2128 or email