A school bus approaches a stop sign.

School Bus

When Allison Transmission first introduced our fully automatic transmissions, we immediately revolutionized school bus transportation by providing unmatched reliability—meaning lower maintenance costs and more time on the road.


Our patented Continuous Power Technology™ delivers smoother, seamless, full-power shifts and superior acceleration and startability. Each shift is made automatically when appropriate, allowing drivers to precisely manage performance and exercise superior vehicle control.


When it comes to operating a school bus fleet, there’s nothing more important than delivering your most precious cargo to their destination, each and every day. We concentrate on supplying transmissions that provide comfort to all school children who climb aboard a bus equipped with an Allison Automatic.

Without the distraction of manually changing gears, drivers are able to keep both hands on the wheel and focus on the traffic around them. With an Allison, there are no hesitations or jerks during gearshifts. The smooth acceleration and quiet operation ensure that passengers have an enjoyable, comfortable, relaxing ride.


Allison Automatics help school bus fleets save on fuel by operating more efficiently. Our transmissions automatically select among multiple shift schedules to enhance fuel savings or add more power, when needed, depending on passenger load and terrain.


Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ allows our fully automatic transmissions to simply and smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the wheels, letting the driver focus on handling and maneuvering the bus. This is especially important in heavy traffic situations and narrow roadways, when maneuvering ease is critical.

Allison transmissions are known for performing reliably throughout the expected life of the school bus. This means keeping your Allison-equipped buses out of the shop, on the road and in service.


Allison makes transmission care easy and less costly. Since Allison Automatics don’t have a starting clutch, you won’t have routine clutch damage or need replacements – a major cost and downtime concern with manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs).

Routine oil and filter changes are the only regular maintenance required with an Allison Automatic. With Allison’s Prognostics feature, you can quickly monitor oil life, filter life and transmission health to take the guesswork and hassle out of scheduling routine vehicle maintenance. This saves time and money while providing maximum protection for the transmission.

And if ever needed, our global network of authorized service locations will provide the Allison authorized service you expect.

Superior Comfort and Safety

Better Fuel Efficiency

Reliable, Efficient Operation

Lower Costs, Easier Maintenance