When it comes to construction applications, Allison fully automatic transmissions fit operating requirements better than other transmissions because they’ve been engineered specifically for the way you work.

Our longstanding worldwide presence in the construction dump/tipper sector, as well as our prominent position in concrete mixers, demonstrates that Allison understands the construction industry. There are few hills too steep or terrain too tough for an Allison Automatic.

The Most Reliable Choice For Construction

  • Unmatched reliability for the toughest applications
  • Faster acceleration and increased productivity
  • Improved maneuverability to creep in soft soil and navigate tight spaces
  • Better on hills with 2nd Reverse and more control on steep grades
  • Lower maintenance costs and more uptime
  • Easier operation to expand your driver pool

Available Technologies

  • Continuous Power Technology™
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Enabled
  • Auxiliary Function Range Inhibit
  • Prognostics
  • Shift Energy Management
  • 2nd Reverse
  • FuelSense® 2.0

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