Using Allison authorized services

Part of Allison Transmission’s commitment to quality is ensuring that our transmissions provide the best performance and have the longest life cycle. Our commitment to your Allison transmission does not end with the manufacturing process. Our authorized service network provides the best possible service for your Allison transmission.

The fact

We have approximately 1,400 Allison authorized Distributors and Dealers worldwide.

How it works

Allison authorized services encompass all of the care that you’ll need to keep your Allison transmission running smoothly and for as long as possible.  You can find an Allison authorized service facility near you by searching the Sales + Service Locator.

Allison authorized services mean “Allison Knowledge Center”

  • Over 3,000 qualified technicians have been trained by Allison to service Allison products.
  • The on-site technicians are current and up-to-date with the necessary service techniques and knowledge of the product.
  • Each location is outfitted with specialized tools and equipment and Allison Genuine Parts™.
  • Allison authorized service facilities have access to all of the latest technical information and factory resources.

Using unauthorized services can cost you

  • Our technicians are extensively trained in the entire range of Allison products, allowing them to quickly diagnose and fix the issues you may have with your transmission.
  • Allison authorized service facilities keep Allison Genuine Parts™ in stock, so in most cases your repair won’t have to wait while parts are ordered.
  • If parts do have to be ordered, these locations can get them straight from the factory quickly or from the Allison authorized service channel.

Genuine Parts mean Allison quality

  • Allison authorized service facilities distribute only Allison Genuine Parts™.
  • Allison Genuine Parts™ offer the precise fit and are made from only the highest quality materials that meet Allison specifications.
  • Watch out for unauthorized dealers and rebuilders who say that they are using Allison Genuine Parts™. Always ask to make sure they’re using ONLY Allison Genuine Parts™ on your Allison transmission.

Click here Sales + Service Locator to find an Allison authorized service facility near you.

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