eGen Power™

Introducing a new series of fully integrated electric axles from Allison Transmission. Allison’s eGen Power™ series is designed to fit between the wheels of heavy-duty trucks and buses, replacing the vehicle’s traditional powertrain system.

The eGen Power™ series is a bolt-in solution compatible with your current vehicle frame, suspension, wheel ends and well suited to most OEM vehicle assembly processes. The eGen Power series features fully integrated electric motors, a multi-speed gearbox, oil cooler and pump, providing the industry’s highest performance and efficiency. The system is compatible with full battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), as well as range extending hybrid applications.

The eGen Power™ Difference

Space-Saving Design

Fully integrated system allows more room for battery packs and critical electric vehicle components

Superior Performance

Provides more power and torque than other e-powertrain systems

Easy to Install

Integrates easily with existing truck bodies and systems

Lightweight Solution

No need for wheel end reduction minimizes weight and cost, allowing the use of standard wheel ends and brakes

Extended Operation

Proprietary oil cooling allows for higher continuous motor operation closer to peak power levels

Smooth Driving

System designed for 100% of motor torque in regenerative braking

Efficient Improvement

Elimination of bevel gearing, minimal meshes and forced lubrication for increased efficiency and extended range

eGen Power: Architecture Overview