Wheeled Vehicles


The design of modern military wheeled vehicles has evolved into a sophisticated optimization of protection, payload and performance constrained by transportability and affordability. Allison Automatics allow the vehicle designer to maximize performance while minimizing Operation and Support (O&S) costs for the end user.


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Wheeled defense vehicle in action with a rendered wheeled defense vehicle in blue.



Allison Automatics optimize all aspects of operational mobility, including acceleration and on/off road mobility. Our Continuous Power Technology™ offers uninterrupted power to the drive wheels, smooth take off, low speed control and maneuverability. Superior startability and gradeability are also facilitated by the torque converter/planetary gear design. Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO) provide installation flexibility and the ability to provide power to vehicle mounted specialty equipment such as self-recovery winches or wrecker systems. The wide range of electronically-controlled input and output options provide the ability to integrate vehicle systems such as central tire inflation, locking differentials and blackout lighting.


The safety of crew and ground personnel is paramount to Allison Transmission. Our Allison Automatics have a proven track record of superior low speed control and maneuverability in tight quarters and when towing loads such as mobile artillery. Likewise, the ability to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road when operating in adverse weather conditions or combat operations enhance crew and vehicle safety while reducing operator stress and fatigue.


Wheeled defense vehicle going through a stream of mud.

Operation + Support (O&S) Costs


Allison Automatics touch nearly all aspects of O&S costs starting with the reduction in operator training. This aspect of O&S costs has been cited as one of the primary factors that led the U.S. Army to specify automatic transmissions for wheeled military vehicles starting in the early 1980s.


Owners of wheeled military vehicles also experience the same advantages seen by commercial Allison Automatic owners including: Outstanding reliability and durability due to robust design and construction, reduced vehicle damage due to superior vehicle control and maneuverability, and reduced vehicle maintenance resulting from:


  • Elimination of the need to adjust the clutch
  • Reduced shift shocks to drivelines and axles
  • Prognostics to enable condition-based maintenance
  • Extended oil change intervals available with Allison TES 295® transmission fluid

Improved vehicle value created by reducing route time with rapid acceleration and full utilization of available engine power.