Tracked Vehicles


Modern armored tracked vehicles must provide the ultimate in protection, defense and mobility, while maintaining affordability. An Allison Military Series cross drive transmission, which integrates propulsion, steering and braking into a single, compact package, hits the target by maximizing performance and minimizing Operation and Support (O&S) costs for the end user.




High performance Allison cross drives optimize vehicle mobility in all terrain conditions. Allison’s Continuous Power Technology ™ allows our fully-automatic cross drives to simply and smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the tracks. Our high efficiency cross drives maximize startability, gradeability and acceleration by minimizing power wasted to friction and heat. Integral infinitely variable steering and oil cooled braking provide superior maneuverability. This smooth, precise and predictable vehicle control, even when the engine is not running, enhances vehicle stability and on-the-move firing accuracy. Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO) provide installation flexibility and the ability to provide power to vehicle mounted specialty equipment such as hydraulic pumps and mechanical fan drives. Our transmissions are also suitable for modern high-speed diesel engines. For custom applications, Allison has full design, development, procurement and manufacturing capabilities.


An image of a battle tank on the move.

Operation + Support (O&S) Costs


Allison cross drives are designed and built for low Operating and Support (O&S) costs. Our purchasing and manufacturing groups continuously strive for affordability in the parts and processes that together create our cross drives. Due to the ease of operation, only minimal training is required to bring a driver up to speed on operating an Allison cross drive. During operation, integral sensors and advanced software algorithms work together to provide built-in powertrain protection against damaging shift shocks, over-speeds, shift cycling and other potentially harmful conditions. As a result, routine maintenance is reduced to regular oil and filter changes. Outstanding reliability and durability that results from Allison’s robust design and construction techniques increase the vehicle up-time and reduce the forward repair and maintenance costs. This reliability and durability also decreases the frequency and extent of depot level overhauls, driving costs down further.