Ohlssons AB Stays Committed to Allison Transmissions with Newest Refuse Trucks

Since 2003, Ohlssons AB has driven refuse trucks equipped with Allison transmissions in Swedish municipalities from Vellinge to Uppsala. Allison has delivered another 20+ transmissions for Ohlssons’ newest refuse trucks, now in service.

LANDSKRONA, Sweden, June 22, 2022 – Ohlssons AB, a haulage and construction company with refuse, construction and transport vehicles and drivers, started its work in sanitation in 2003 and has since built up its large fleet of refuse trucks equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions.

“We have chosen to drive with Allison transmissions basically since we started offering refuse services in 2003. We have about 150 vehicles equipped with Allison Automatics and even though we both replace and acquire new vehicles continuously, the choice of transmission never changes,” said Bengt Olsson, Ohlssons AB Operations Manager.

An important factor in sanitation is to maintain a high level of operational reliability. If the operation does not work as it should, it can lead to major problems for both the refuse staff and the municipalities.

“Let's say that a municipality has five refuse trucks. If something happens to one of them and it is forced to go into the workshop suddenly, we only have four refuse trucks to cover an assignment intended for five. At the same time, you always want to minimize overtime. With Allison Automatics, we feel that we hardly have any operational disruptions and therefore we can make the driving more efficient even if you are short a vehicle. It is stable and you can trust what is in the box. I feel that it is really economical to drive with Allison,” said Olsson.

Ohlssons has grown significantly since they were founded in 1998, but the goal has always been to exceed the customer's expectations.

“We adapt our vehicles based on what the municipalities and waste management companies want. This applies, for example, to the municipalities’ choice of fuel type. We can deliver vehicles that run on biogas, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) or something else. In addition, we always make sure to keep our vehicles fresh and presentable. Our goal is for an Ohlsson vehicle to always look good, even if it is garbage trucks,” said Olsson. “That's why it's nice that Allison fits all options. We have learned what the customer is looking for and the specifications of the vehicles, so we want to optimize the engine, comfort and transmission. Therefore, it feels good that we have found the right thing with Allison.”

22 Jun, 2022