Allison Transmission Introduces Allison Genuine Remanufactured™ DPIM2 ReFlex™ Inverter for Electric Hybrid System

The DPIM2 ReFlex™ will allow transit customers to extend the life of their Allison-equipped hybrid electric fleets.

INDIANAPOLIS, May 16, 2022 – Allison Transmission is pleased to introduce the DPIM2 ReFlex™, a remanufactured inverter designed to offer cost savings to transit fleets by extending the life of the Allison H 40/50 EPTM electric hybrid system. DPIM2 ReFlex is introduced as a new product offering under Allison’s Genuine ReMan™ line of remanufactured products.

The Dual Power Inverter Module (DPIM) is responsible for converting AC electricity to DC electricity and vice versa, an important function of the H 40/50 EP system. During regenerative braking, AC electricity generated by the electric motors in the drive unit is converted to DC electricity and stored in the Energy Storage System (ESS). Power from the ESS is combined with engine power within the drive unit, a process called torque blending, to accelerate the vehicle.

“We’re proud to launch the DPIM2 ReFlex to provide transit fleets with a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternative while extending the service life of their buses,” said Brian Geiselhart, Managing Director, Global Channel, Aftermarket & Warranty, Allison Transmission.

Allison is known for its dedication to manufacturing high-quality, reliable and durable propulsion solutions. The company applies this same commitment to every part and process associated with its Allison Genuine ReMan products. The DPIM2 ReFlex was designed to meet original factory specifications to ensure it delivers the same proven performance as new products. As with all Allison Genuine Reman products, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the DPIM2 ReFlex will be supported by more than 150 Allison Authorized Distributor locations across North America.

Allison’s legacy H 40/50 EP electric hybrid propulsion solution has been on the market for nearly 20 years. It improves fuel economy by up to 25% versus a conventional diesel bus and reduces CO2 emissions, helping to protect the environment. Since 2003, Allison has delivered more than 9,000 electric hybrid propulsion systems worldwide. These systems have accumulated nearly 2.6 billion miles, saving more than 305 million gallons of fuel and preventing 3 million metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

17 May, 2022