Sany’s All-Terrain Crane Featuring Allison Transmission is Perfect for Gobi Desert Green Energy Infrastructure Projects

BEIJING, December 2021 – Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional and electrified vehicle propulsion solutions and the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles, gladly announces that the all-terrain crane SAC600E, built by Sany Heavy Industries and equipped with Allison’s 4500 Specialty Series™ (SP) fully automatic transmission, has won the approval of a Gobi desert power construction customer based upon greatly improved vehicle mobility, enhanced efficiency and driving comfort.

Inner Mongolia is among China's wind power-rich regions, and most power construction projects there are located in the remote Gobi Desert. Recently, Ningxia San He Cheng Lifting Transport Co., Ltd. undertook the Three Gorges Wulanchabu new generation grid-friendly green power station networking project for demonstration purposes. In October 2021, the company purchased the new all-terrain crane SAC600E, which has been used on site for pylon installations. The results have been amazing.

"We mainly need to go to both the mountains and the Gobi Desert for pylon installation projects," said Qu Kai, deputy general manager of Ningxia San He Cheng Lifting Transport Co., Ltd. "The SAC600E is currently the smallest tonnage of all-terrain cranes in China. Whether it's crossing the flat desert or going uphill, it always travels smoothly and swiftly. It's our magic crane for efficient operations in tough terrains.”

The SAC600E is a 6x6 all-terrain crane manufactured by China’s top-notch heavy equipment company Sany and has enjoyed good reputation overseas for its high performance in the most demanding environments and under heavy duty-cycles. It is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM470LA off-road six cylinder water-cooled diesel engine at 280kW with a maximum torque of 1900Nm, paired with an Allison 4500 SP 6-speed fully automatic transmission with three-phase torque converter and planetary gear set, thus allowing for a smooth start and gear shifting, and low maintenance cost. The crane has 60-ton maximum lifting capacity with 50m maximum boom length. The vehicle’s maximum speed can reach 80km per hour with 67% max gradeability.

Allison Specialty Series transmissions provide extended torque range and higher gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacity in the more severe duty-cycles and harsher conditions. Using a hydraulic torque converter, Allison transmissions smoothly multiply peak engine torque when the vehicle starts. Coupled with Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ for propulsion and advanced electronic controls, it ensures uninterrupted power delivery during gear shifting and offers optimum drivability, reliability and control when the heavy-loaded vehicle moves uphill or downhill.

These vehicles are designed specifically to haul cranes to and from job sites in all kinds of terrains. Allison transmissions are designed to deliver unrivalled reliability and durability while helping to protect vehicle driveline and its braking system. By engineering and manufacturing reliable, fully automatic propulsion solutions, our customers experience reduced downtime and get more work done.

This model also incorporates other features to improve travel flexibility and driving comfort, such as Kessler axles with hydro pneumatic suspension system, 525 Michelin tires, I-cab with double seats and foldable berth and a wireless remote control system for all motions.

"I don't feel like I'm driving a heavy crane in the desert, but I'm starting to enjoy what feels like driving a luxury car." said Qu.

Allison Transmission will continue to provide the most reliable and valued propulsion solutions to enable our customers to work more efficiently, especially in remote areas and extreme environments like the Gobi Desert.

22 Dec, 2021


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