City of Paris Selects Allison Transmission for its Waste Collection and Street Maintenance Vehicles

The City of Paris, which has managed to position itself at the forefront of innovation, opted very early for Allison fully automatic transmissions to facilitate the work of drivers who operate in very dense urban areas on a daily basis.

PARIS, November 2021 – Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional and electrified vehicle propulsion solutions and the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles, is pleased to share the experiences of the City of Paris for waste collection vehicles and street maintenance.

The Technical Services of the Cleanliness of Paris have 377 vehicles between 12 and 26 tons, made up mainly of refuse collection, but also of street washers and sweepers and multipurpose carriers. Almost 100% of these vehicles are equipped with the Allison fully automatic transmissions.

With six garages spread across Paris and 700 drivers, the Section of Mechanical Means is responsible for driving and maintaining the waste collection and street cleaning vehicles in the city of Paris, with up to 50% being subcontracted.

"Thanks to this governance and subcontracting organization, we have more flexibility, we get the best by challenging each other and are therefore more responsive, always at the forefront of innovation, with machines, practices and optimized procedures,” said Hervé Piguet, Head of the Purchasing and Use of Materials Division of the City of Paris.

As early as 2002, the City of Paris began its energy conversion by choosing natural gas to reduce its carbon footprint, whether it is for its own vehicles or vehicles for service providers. Currently, the entire fleet uses BioCNG.

During that time the city also made the choice to equip their fleet with Allison fully automatic transmissions, which today make up almost 100% of the fleet. Between 2018 and 2021, the City of Paris renewed half of its fleet, 168 vehicles, and procured additional innovative vehicles, such as the first vacuum sweepers and CNG powered washers. Every single vehicle obtained in the fleet renewal is equipped with an Allison transmission.

“The value of the Allison fully automatic transmission for our roadwork applications has become evident. Driving heavy trucks in an urban environment in a city as dense as Paris, with the increase in road users, is increasingly difficult and stressful for our drivers. They must remain focused. Allison transmissions take the strain off them by automatically managing gears. There is no longer a clutch pedal, so less fatigue for the drivers. Thanks to this smoother driving, working conditions are also more comfortable for the operators at the rear of these refuse collection vehicles,” said Piguet.

Over the years, Allison Transmission has become the only manufacturer to offer a fully automatic transmission to historical chassis manufacturers in the City of Paris.

"The constraints and the high level of demand for waste collection has made it possible to test the quality and reliability of these transmissions. With Allison, we have developed a real partnership. We have trained our maintenance teams and invested in transmission diagnostic tools to optimize the availability of our fleet. Allison listened, and responded to requests and feedback,” said Piguet.

29 Nov, 2021


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