Chongqing Urban Sanitation Fleet Selects Allison 3000 Series™ Transmission for Increased Productivity

The Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmission provides a variety of benefits to Chongqing Urban Sanitation Fleet, including increased productivity, lower cost of ownership and greater driver comfort

CHONGQING, China, August 2021 – As a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional and electrified vehicle propulsion solutions and the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles, Allison Transmission offers unrivalled high performance, durability and reliability for sanitary vehicle applications with its 3000 Series™ transmission.

To enhance its urban sanitation efficiency and reduce workload and pressure for sanitary truck drivers, Chongqing Yu Feng Shan Municipal Sanitary fleet purchased nine sanitation trucks equipped with Allison transmissions at the end of 2018, including one mist cannon truck, three sweepers and five sprinklers.

Yu Feng Shan Municipal Sanitary fleet is in charge of environmental sanitation in Yubei District, Chongqing, the most populated city in China. Due to this area’s vicinity to the airport, there are elevated roads, express roads, five interchange junctions and three tunnels. The daily road cleaning is quite demanding on both sanitation workers and the equipment with long hot summers and heavy traffic flow.

To clean the roads effectively, the sanitation trucks’ speed must be no more than 35 km/h, even in the severe start and stop traffic. A manual transmission requires constant shifting of gears to maintain the low vehicle speed which, in turn, affects the flushing, sweeping, suction and spraying pressure of the truck. When fully loaded, start or acceleration by manually upshifting and downshifting of gears consumes fuel. The operator’s concentration on driving the vehicle safely and efficiently is challenged.

In contrast, Allison’s patented Continuous Power Technology™ delivers smooth, seamless uninterrupted power to the wheels under any condition. The driver needs only to put both his hands on the steering wheel and concentrate on driving the vehicle and activating the cleaning operations. Allison's fully automatic transmissions are extremely easy to maneuver, thus enabling perfect coordination between driving and working modes.

The single-engine, truck-mounted road sweeper is based on a Dongfeng Tianjin 4x2 chassis with Cummins ISDE 210-50 diesel engine rated at 155 kW power with 800 Nm torque. The vehicle is coupled with an Allison 3000 fully automatic transmission with six forward speeds and a PTO (Power Take Off) provision. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the truck is 16 tons with nine-cubic meter garbage and seven-cubic meter water payload.

“On average, our drivers are operating the trucks for eight hours a day covering more than 100 km on express roads, with many uphills, downhills and curves. After driving trucks equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions for two and half years, they have given very positive feedback that vehicle maneuverability has been greatly simplified, thus allowing them to concentrate on the roads and tools handling,” said the manager of Yu Feng Shan Municipal Sanitary fleet. “In a word, the high performance of Allison fully automatic transmissions has made their daily workload much lighter, greatly reducing the stress and increasing productivity.”

Allison transmissions allow precise vehicle control and maneuverability. They use a torque converter instead of a traditional dry clutch to smoothly multiply engine torque during start-up and acceleration. Allison’s Transmission Control Module (TCM) commands how and when the power take-off (PTO) engages. Drivers only have to push one button to activate or deactivate the PTO, allowing them to better focus on their driving tasks.

Huang Qinian, a veteran driver of the fleet, spoke of his experience of driving a sweeper equipped with an Allison transmission for more than two years.

"The biggest challenge of driving a sanitation vehicle on a busy road is to pay attention to other vehicles on the road while operating your own vehicle. I used to drive manual vehicles. Now with the Allison fully automatic transmission, I am not afraid of traffic jams or rear-slip with a full load any more. Allison transmissions are very easy to operate, allowing me to perform well in both driving and cleaning tasks,” said Qinian.

Allison fully automatic transmissions are designed specifically for tough work environments. There are no clutches to replace and maintenance costs are reduced through Allison Prognostics. Predicting oil and filter life eliminates the need for scheduling routine vehicle maintenance, meaning less downtime and lower life-cycle costs. It only requires periodic oil and filter changes, thus achieving greater vehicle reliability with more time on the road.

13 Aug, 2021