Allison Transmission is at IDEF 2021 with its Solutions Offered for Wheeled and Tracked Military Vehicles

Allison will showcase its propulsion solutions offered for wheeled and tracked military vehicles at the same stand at IDEF 2021.

ISTANBUL, Turkey, August 2021 – Allison Transmission, offering propulsion solutions for both tracked and wheeled military vehicles for almost 80 years, will appear once again at the 15th IDEF International Defense Industry Fair this year. Allison, whose propulsion solutions are used in more than 600,000 military vehicles worldwide, also develops its products intended for the changing and growing needs of the defense industry as the world's best propulsion systems manufacturer. Allison Transmission will showcase its solutions offered for tracked and wheeled vehicles at the same stand for the first time at IDEF 2021 between August 17th and 20th. (İstanbul Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Hall 7 - Stand 700)

Allison Transmission, which has a wide range of propulsion solutions for all light, medium and heavy-duty tracked or wheeled military vehicles, will join IDEF 2021 with Hema HST Otomotiv, Turkey , Allison’s licensed manufacturer in Turkey, for the tracked vehicles. At the Allison stand, the Allison 3000 Series™ transmissions for the wheeled vehicles range and the X1100™-5A4 (the transmission for the Next Generation T-155 Self Propelled Firtina Howitzer (Firtina II) program and an exciting solution for upgrade of M60 tanks), 3040 MX™ and X200™ 4C cross-drive fully automatic transmissions for the tracked vehicle range will be showcased. Allison will also be introducing its newest developmental transmission, the Next Generation Electrified Transmission, which integrates a hybrid-electric motor into tracked vehicles, providing both blended torque to propel the vehicle and auxiliary electric power to support the numerous systems ranging from computers to directed energy weapons requiring electrical power in modern vehicles.

The Allison fully automatic transmission, which is also the preference of leading Turkish military vehicle manufacturers thanks to their proven reliability in military operations, will be able to be inspected in many vehicles showcased at the exhibition. Leading Turkish OEM’s such as FNSS, BMC, Otokar, Nurol Makina, Katmerciler and Anadolu Savunma will be showcasing their most advanced vehicles equipped with Allison Automatics at the fair.

“We meet with defense industry professionals from various countries around the world at IDEF, which is Turkey's largest and the world's fourth most comprehensive defense industry fair” says Atak Talas, Allison Transmission Regional Director of Turkey and Middle East, in a statement before the fair. As Allison Transmission, we have unrivaled reliability proven in the operation field around the world. We not only offer reliable, new technologies and products to the industry, but also support the military troops in the operation field with our innovative propulsion solutions. We provide services for our propulsion solutions throughout the long life of the vehicle, and support the military vehicles to run uninterruptedly with outstanding performance. From the commanding point of view, this provides a great advantage for military troops"

Allison transmissions provide outstanding performance by transferring the high power produced by the engine to the wheels and tracks optimally by means of advanced electronic controls. Allison fully automatic transmissions provide higher torque ranges and gross vehicle weight capacity for military applications. It improves vehicle performance and control in all terrain types, especially on slopes and soft ground and also delivers exceptional braking and driving experience for tracked vehicles.

Allison Automatics make the right shift at the right time to provide greater protection for the driveline and ensure faster acceleration, perfect control, and better maneuverability. Unlike manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs), Allison fully automatic transmissions prevent power interruptions and ensure smooth, continuous, full-power shifts. Allison's patented torque converter ensures the extremely high torque to be transferred to the driveline gradually. This allows the vehicle to accelerate smoothly and steadily in all road and terrain conditions. Risks such as jolting, stopping or rolling back are prevented.

Allison transmissions help military vehicles to be ready at all times, while ensuring lower maintenance and therefore lower repair costs thanks to less wear and tear. Outstanding control and maneuverability mean less fatigue, higher concentration and less accident risks for drivers and crew.

03 Aug, 2021