Buses with Allison Automatics Cut Fuel Costs for Transport Operator in Tver

A major public transport operator in the Tver region purchased 314 LIAZ-4292.60 buses equipped with Allison Automatics and has shown excellent fuel efficiency over the year in operation. Moreover, drivers and passengers say that the urban bus service has become more convenient and comfortable.

TVER, RUSSIA, July 2021 – Verkhnevolzhskoe ATP, a major national public transport operator in the Tver region, operates most routes across Tver and the Kalininsky district of the region. Verkhnevolzhskoe ATP was established to introduce a new transportation model in the region. The model involves the use of buses with an automatic transmission, modern navigation equipment, contactless ticketing technology and climate control systems. In late February 2020, the transport operator purchased LIAZ-4292.60 buses equipped with Allison Automatics.

The LIAZ-4292.60 medium-sized low-floor city bus is equipped with a 210 hp Euro 5 YaMZ 53403 engine and a fully automatic six-speed Allison T2100 transmission. This bus version has two doors and 27 seats. The buses serve both city and suburban routes.

“We have operated the buses for a year now and can give some valid feedback about their advantages,” said Roman Khulgin, Chief Engineer of Verkhnevolzhskoe ATP. “First of all, we recorded good fuel economy.”

The Allison T2100 six-speed transmission is an efficient solution for medium-sized buses for city and suburban transportation. A special gear-shifting algorithm enables the bus engine to run in the optimal manner, reducing fuel consumption and improving the fleet’s fuel efficiency.

The transport operator’s data show that in spring and autumn buses running on suburban routes consume an average of up to 25 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, with the air conditioner turned off. Buses operating in the city take 32.5 liters. With the air conditioner on in summer, suburban and city buses consume 26.7 liters and 34.8 liters, respectively. In winter, with an extensive use of a pre-heater, the consumption is 29.3 liters and 38 liters for suburban and city buses, respectively.

“We have very good fuel consumption figures,” said Khulgin. “First, they are actually much lower than the manufacturer’s specification of 46 liters on average per 100 kilometers. Second, they are lower even in comparison with similar automatic transmission buses from another manufacturer, which we also have in our fleet. So we expect the Allison equipped buses to pay off pretty quickly.”

Apart from fuel efficiency, fleet profitability depends on the service interval and cost. Due to their reliability and a long service life, the only service Allison fully automatic transmissions require is routine oil and filter changes. In addition, they eliminate the problem of burned clutches, a common cause of downtime in manual transmission buses. It also increases the fleet’s profitability.

“After a year in operation, 15 buses already have a mileage of over 100,000 kilometers,” said Khulgin. “Indeed, their service consisted of a routine change of oil and consumables. Thus, the buses had no downtime, getting back to their routes on the next day.”

Ease of driving a large bus is an important factor, especially in dense city traffic. The Allison fully automatic transmission performs excellently in these conditions, delivering dynamic and smooth acceleration, as well as high maneuverability of the bus. Moreover, drivers do not need to pay attention to gear shifting, which means they are fully focused on driving and have better control of the road situation.

“Of course, drivers praise the buses with Allison fully automatic transmission. Especially those drivers who previously only drove ones with a manual transmission,” said Khulgin. “It is no wonder with the obvious advantages of the fully automatic transmission, the driver turns on the driving mode and simply forgets about the need to switch gears. So the driver gets tired much less, which greatly contributes to passenger safety and comfort.”

The Tver region is among the first regions implementing an in-depth and large-scale reform of municipal public transport service, with passenger comfort as a top priority. Allison fully automatic transmissions have long been recognized as reliable and efficient solutions for the urban public transport segment—in terms of passenger comfort and safety, and fleet profitability.

“After a year of operation, we are certainly happy with our new Allison equipped buses,” said Khulgin. “And we expect another batch to arrive in mid-summer. 28 new LIAZ-4292.60 buses with Allison fully automatic transmission will join our fleet.”

27 Jul, 2021