Allison-Equipped Hyundai County Bus Records Growth of 19 percent Year Over Year in Jeju-do

Increased sales of Hyundai County were influenced by increased travel demand during COVID-19

SEOUL, South Korea, April 2021 – A total of 23 Hyundai County buses equipped with Allison Transmission’s T1000 model were registered in Jeju-do in 2020. According to Kaizuyu Data Laboratory this marks a 19 percent increase from 2019 and County registrations accounted for nearly half (48 percent) of the total light buses registered in Jeju-do.

According to the Jeju Tourism Association, more than 10 million tourists visited Jeju-do last year. Although this is a 33 percent decrease from 2019, the travel industry believes that it was a reasonable record considering that the industry as a whole had a tough time last year due to COVID-19. The Hyundai County was sold mostly for sightseeing in Jeju-do last year.

Hyundai County buses equipped with Allison Automatics have better maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and economic feasibility than manual transmission vehicles. Since automatic vehicle drivers do not have to operate clutches and change gears, they feel significantly less fatigue than manual vehicle drivers even if they drive for a long time.

In addition, Allison’s fully automatic transmission has good fuel efficiency since it makes optimal gear changes based on accumulated data over a long period of time. In terms of maintenance, the automatic vehicle only needs to be serviced regularly with Allison-approved fluid. Also, unlike manual vehicles, there is no need to replace clutch or brake-related parts.

"As many tourists who could not travel abroad visited Jeju-do last year, demand for County serving the sightseeing purpose has increased,” said Kyoungmee Lee, Regional Director of Allison Transmission Korea. "Since customers are expected to find more economical and productive transmissions during the post-COVID-19 era, we plan to conduct business activities around major cities across the country.”

15 Apr, 2021