Yangju Rental Chooses Allison-Equipped Hyundai Mighty Truck for Delivering High-Lift Swap Trailers

 SEOUL, November 2020 — Hyundai Mighty truck, with the Allison fully automatic 1000 xFETM transmission, was chosen to deliver high-lift swap trailers in Korea. 

Cho Gwi-sun, the CEO of Yangju Rental located in Yangju City, Gyeonggi Province, currently operates a fleet of five Hyundai Motor Company’s Mighty trucks for carrying and retrieving high-lift swap trailers. Four of the Hyundai Mighty trucks have manual transmissions, awhile the fourth is equipped with an Allison fully automatic 1000 xFE transmission. 

Cho plans to change all four current manual trucks to Allison transmission-equipped trucks. This is because the Mighty truck equipped with an Allison Automatic has all the performance, productivity, fuel efficiency, operating convenience and cost-efficiency benefits that he was looking for in a truck. 

During his test drive, Cho found that the automatic transmission offered a very smooth start on flat roads and an excellent driving performance on hill climbs. The truck could drive up a hill without any problems even while carrying five to six tons of maintenance lift equipment. In particular, Allison Transmission’s Hill Holder function, which allows the vehicle to stop on a hill without rolling back, was very useful in steep terrain climbs. 

"When I heard about the launch of the Mighty truck equipped with Allison's fully automatic transmission, I immediately headed to the Hyundai automobile dealership to sign the contract," said Cho. "Allison Transmission offers the best customer experience in all aspects of productivity, driving convenience and cost-efficiency." 

Allison’s 1000 xFE transmission offers the hydraulic Power Take-Off (PTO) option which allows auxiliary equipment to be driven without further ancillary power requirement. Unlike manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs), Allison Automatics have no power interrupts during shift changes, making the best of the engine horsepower and torque to deliver more traction to the wheels. The results are faster trips, more deliveries per day and increased incremental revenue from the Allison-equipped vehicle in the fleet. 

Fuel efficiency varies depending on the driving conditions of the vehicle. Yangju Rental has confirmed that fuel efficiency was similar for both manual and fully automatic-equipped trucks, and claims to have a fuel economy of between 4 to 5 km/L. 

Allison Automatics also save maintenance costs as they do not require frequent clutch parts replacement like manual vehicles. According to Yangju Rental, vehicles with the Allison fully automatic transmission do not use clutches and brake parts tend to last longer. As such, Yangju Rental can save up to USD950 annually for parts replacement, compared to manual-equipped trucks. 

“For the tight, demanding schedules of the truck sector, Allison automatic transmissions are more efficient and offer greater acceleration than manual or AMTs,” said Kyoungmee Lee, Regional Director of Allison Transmission Korea. "Comfort is a further benefit for drivers working the many start-stop duty cycles, gear shifts and frequent braking on short routes. That’s why many customers would recommend switching to Allison fully automatics without any hesitation." 

06 Nov, 2020