UD Trucks offers Allison fully automatic transmissions with new Quon 8x4 8.0-litre engine for added vocational appeal

 UD Trucks has launched a version of its popular Quon 8x4 heavy-duty model and, for the first time, is offering the Allison 3200 Series automatic transmission coupled to its 8.0-litre engine. 

Brisbane, Australia: UD Trucks has continued its strong relationship with Allison Transmission by offering Allison‘s fully automatic 3200 with the new Quon 8x4 GH8FM model, making it available for a range of vocations including waste, concrete agitators and construction. 

The Allison 3200 six-speed fully automatic transmission is the industry standard for both the waste and concrete sectors in the Australian market. When coupled with 8x4 Quon’s chassis and suspension specifications, it is equipped and positioned well for these industries. 

The new Quon 8x4‘s 8.0-litre engine has an output of 360hp (263kW) and 1428Nm. The truck will be available in three configurations: 4500, 5200 and 5700mm wheelbases. 

This is the first installation of an Allison fully automatic transmission coupled to the UD 8.0-litre engine in the Quon model. The transmission is easy to operate with the Allison push-button pad mounted on a console and positioned conveniently close for the driver. Equipped with Allison’s patented Continuous Power Technology™ it delivers smoother, seamless, uninterrupted power shifts and superior acceleration on hills and highways, boosting productivity. 

Allison Transmission’s Australian sales manager, Robert Cavagnino says that UD’s decision to offer Allison’s 3200 six-speed automatic for the 8x4 Quon 8.0-litre reflects its long and successful history with Allison Transmission. 

“UD has offered Allison transmissions across its truck range for more than a decade. With the 3200 equipped on the new Quon 8x4, it will provide tremendous appeal in targeted vocations like concrete agitators and waste transport,” said Cavagnino. 

The Allison automatic has been specified and mated to the UD 8.0-litre to ensure optimum performance and effectiveness under acceleration, at cruising speed and under braking. With the effectiveness of the two-stage exhaust engine brake, controlled downshifting enhances the Allison transmission to maintain exhaust pressure. 

The new UD Quon 8x4’s 4500mm wheelbase option is the most popular and common choice for concrete agitator and waste disposal trucks in Australia. 

07 Sep, 2020