Agriculture sprayer in a field.








An Allison Automatic performs better in soft soils because our patented torque converter adjusts the output torque provided to the wheels while keeping the engine speed stable. Additionally, Allison’s full powershift feature provides positive torque to the wheels when vehicles make turns at field boundaries to switch directions.


Whether you’re spreading or spraying, time is critical. You can’t afford downtime with your machinery. Allison fully automatic transmissions are built to our exacting standards to perform under the most rigorous conditions. They require a minimal amount of service because our patented torque converter technology doesn’t wear like other transmission technologies with a starting clutch and extends periods between maintenance. This lowers maintenance and repair costs, and increases your vehicle’s time in the field.


Our customers’ ability to perform and produce is directly tied to the vehicles and equipment used to do work. Allison transmissions are designed to deliver unrivaled reliability and durability while helping to protect vehicle driveline. By engineering and manufacturing reliable, fully automatic transmissions and propulsion systems, our customers experience reduced downtime and get more work done.

Superior in Soft Soil

Fewer Repairs, More Uptime

Reliability When It Counts