Accounts Payable

As an Allison Transmission Supplier, you will be assigned a supplier account for billing purposes. Your supplier account will be based on an Allison vendor code.

If you do not know your vendor code, please contact your buyer. If you are unable to contact your buyer, you can assume your vendor code begins with the first letter of your company’s name.

For example, if your company’s name is “Ajax Corrugated Boxing Inc.,” you can assume your vendor code begins with “A.”

For more information regarding Allison Accounts Payable contact, payment terms or vendor inquires, please see below.

Vendor Inquiries

If a dispute arises, the following information is necessary to resolve your dispute:

Unpaid Invoice or Incorrect Payment (Quantity)

If you have an unpaid invoice, or have received payment for a quantity that is incorrect, please fax the following to your Allison Accounts Payable Analyst: 

    • Copy of original invoice
    • Copy of proof of delivery (for goods delivered to any Allison dock)
    • A detailed explanation of the situation

Incorrect Payment (Unit Price)

If you have received payment, but believe that the unit price is incorrect, please contact your Allison buyer. The Allison Accounts Payable department cannot resolve pricing disputes.

Invoice Status

If you are requesting the status of releases of 10% holdbacks Allison has taken on capital and tooling items, contact Carol Hommell at 317-242-2425.

Please do not request the status of an invoice that is not due to be paid, the Allison Accounts Payable department is unable to respond to these inquiries.

Payment Terms

Allison payment terms are Net 60. Payments are made on the second business day of the second month following the receipt of your goods or services.

For example, if you shipped widgets on July 29 and Allison received the shipment on August 1, your payment will be made on the second month (October) and the second business day (October 2).

If you do not ship goods, but perform a service for Allison, your payment is based on your invoice date.

For example, if your invoice is dated July 29, Allison will make a payment on September 2.

Accounts Payable Contacts

To contact an Accounts Payable Analyst, please use the phone number below along with your specific supplier accounts payable contact, which are organized by account assignments below.

Phone: (888) 288-5122 and follow the prompts
Fax: (317) 242-4273

Email AP Supervi​sor
Email AP Analyst: A​-F Vendors
Email AP Analyst: G-L Vendors
Email AP Analyst: M-S Vendors
Email AP Analyst: T-Z Vendors
Email AP Check Authorization

All mailing correspondence can be sent to:

Allison Transmission
M/C L27, P.O. Box 7120
Indianapolis, IN 46206-7120