How can tractors get 5% better fuel economy?

Class 8 tractors have historically been forced to compromise overall vehicle drivability, along with transmission reliability, dependability and performance, in favor of fuel economy. Not any longer.


The new Allison TC10 gives you the best of both worlds. Its revolutionary torque converter and twin countershaft design optimizes acceleration and fuel economy in both city and highway conditions.

Proven Reliable & Durable

Allison is the world’s leading supplier of automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles with over 5 million produced. We have a rock solid reputation for engineering excellence and we give you peace of mind with a targeted 5-year/750,000 mile warranty on every Allison TC10 TS.

Ratings & Specs

Engine HP (kW) Input Torque lb-ft (N˙m) Output Torque lb-ft (N˙m)
600 (477) 1,700 (2,305) 13,000 (17,630)

Driver Friendly

No special driver training is required with the new Allison TC10 TS. It operates similar to an automatic transmission in a passenger car. That goes a long way in helping recruit and retain drivers.

Fleet Flexibility

The new Allison TC10 TS will not only make it possible to have more deliveries per day, it will also allow you to get more out of each truck. For instance, the same truck can run an urban delivery route during the day and then a regional highway route at night. More productivity. More flexibility.

Superior Fuel Economy

Real world testing has documented fuel economy gains and increases in vehicle miles-per-workday. Allison testing has shown the TC10 offers better fuel economy than a manual or automated manual in the target duty cycles. Test fleet users achieved an average 5% fuel economy improvement with the Allison TC10 tractor transmission over their current manual and automated manual transmissions. Regardless of driver experience or expertise, the TC10 automatically achieves the best fuel economy. It shifts at just the right points on the power curve with virtually no loss of acceleration, right into cruise gear.

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5th Generation Electronic Controls

The next generation of Allison Electronic Controls offers a variety of features to further improve fuel economy and maximize transmission protection with advanced prognostics.

Improved Fuel Economy

To get the most out of every drop of fuel, Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls offer an enhanced array of smart controls designed to increase fuel economy and fuel efficiency for the specific needs of any application, For the new TC10, these include Load-Based Shift Scheduling, Vehicle Acceleration Control and the new Enhanced Converter Load Release. Next generation Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls provide unprecedented flexibility when it comes to specifying maximum fuel economy.


Calibrated to the vehicles particular operating requirements, Allison’s advanced prognostics monitor various operating parameters to determine and alert when service is due. This eliminates unnecessary oil and filter changes and provides maximum transmission protection.

Oil Life Monitor

Based on the vehicle’s duty cycle, this feature determines fluid life and alerts you when a fluid change is required. Not only does it help you get maximum oil life while providing the maximum protection for the transmission, the Oil Life Monitor also saves you money by preventing unnecessary fluid changes.

Filter Life Monitor

This provides an alert when the transmission’s fluid filter(s) need to be replaced. It helps extend filter change intervals to reduce routine maintenance downtime and saves you money in the long run, all the while providing maximum protection for the transmission.

"The new allison tc10 is truly turning the tractor market upside down."
Lawrence E. Dewey, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Fleet Feedback

We provided tractors equipped with pre-production Allison TC10 TS transmissions to a variety of fleets around North America so they could be tested in real-world driving conditions. Read what these fleet professionals have to say about their Allison TC10 TS test experience.

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  • "With the TC10 and proper coaching, you can leave the engine in the sweet spot and save fuel."
    Jim Boyd, Southeastern Freightlines
  • "The main difference [is] the smoothness of shifting and the consistent RPM on the Allison Transmission."
    Keith Stevens, JB Hunt Transport
  • "I was very impressed with how fast the TC10 went through the gears."
    Mike Turner, Rush Trucking
  • "the more productive the truck can be, the more money I can make... the tc10 would make me more productive."
    Colin Owen, Central Freightlines
  • "We have had several test/demos in the past, but we have never had one so widely accepted by the drivers as the TC10."
    Neil Peterson, Operation Manager-Deseret Transportation
  • "Good acceleration, still keeps engine RPM low for best fuel economy. Holds speed well going up hills."
    Richard Boone, Driver-Hogan Leasing