Genuine Parts

Why is an Allison fully automatic transmission so effective? It’s a combination of remarkable design, precision engineering and components made and assembled using the industry’s highest quality standards.

This world-class standard is why you need to rely on Allison Genuine Parts to keep your Allison performing like new.   

The Allison Difference

Allison transmissions feature high quality, precise parts that are designed to work in combination with all other components within our transmissions. Allison engineers understand the relationship of materials and interworking parts within the context of a heavy-duty automatic transmission.   

When non-genuine manufacturers attempt to reverse-engineer Allison parts, it is done in the absence of this vital understanding. The result of their isolated efforts is often a part that fails prematurely, causing failures to mating pieces as well.

When you buy Allison Genuine Parts, you’re getting components made to fit and work within the exact specifications of your Allison transmission. All Allison Genuine Parts are made at the same time, using the same machinery and production techniques as the pieces that are used in assembling a complete new transmission meaning Allison Genuine Parts are always an exact match for your service needs.

Risks of Non-Genuine Parts

Some non-genuine parts manufacturers reverse-engineer Allison components in an effort to duplicate Allison quality. These manufacturers don’t have the comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the integral operating environment of the complete transmission.

Reverse-engineering results in creating individual parts that are unsuitable for use with other components. For example, two mating parts are designed to mesh and wear equally. An imbalance can cause premature failures, ultimately costing you money and potentially ruining your Allison transmission.

Genuine Allison Quality

Only Allison Genuine Parts are manufactured to exact Allison standards and original specifications. Many times, non-genuine manufacturers state that their parts “meet or exceed OEM standards.” Here’s the problem: We don’t publish our standards or provide blue prints, manufacturing processes or critical routing instructions. These unauthorized manufacturers are producing parts without the essential information needed to make them of the same quality as Allison Genuine Parts.

Where do I find Allison Genuine Parts?

Any Allison authorized service facility

  • Allison authorized Distributor
  • Allison authorized Dealer

Click here to find an Allison authorized service facility near you.