Allison Transmission Introduces Next-Generation Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission

Allison Transmission FracTran™ will drive productivity and deliver sustainability for fracturing fleets

INDIANAPOLIS, June 1, 2021 – Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional and electrified propulsion solutions and the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles, today announced the launch of the Allison FracTran, a revolutionary hydraulic fracturing transmission.

Purpose built based on the specific performance requirements of the customer, the FracTran is an all-new Oil Field SeriesTM transmission, designed to meet the unique and continually evolving demands of the hydraulic fracturing industry. This next-generation solution is a result of extensive voice of customer insights as well as an analysis of duty cycle information from decades of Allison products operating in this application. This significant front-end effort ensures FracTran will provide differentiated value, meet the evolving needs of Allison’s customers, and deliver the Allison Brand Promise of providing the most reliable and valued propulsion solutions in the world.

“As hydraulic fracturing fleets and operators move toward higher horsepower, smaller spreads to reduce their environmental footprint, and seek shorter times to reach depth in search of improved sustainability, efficiency and profitability, Allison is innovating with them to remain a desired partner of choice for the energy market,” said John Coll, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales, and Service at Allison Transmission. “Allison is committed to our energy customers and has invested significant resources to bring them the product they demanded, FracTran.”

Based on current market demand, FracTran will be launched with a rating of 3,300 horsepower and 10,000 lb.-ft. of input torque. However, FracTran is capable of up to 3,500 horsepower with no hardware modifications required. This robust hydraulic fracturing transmission will deliver unparalleled performance in high pressure duty cycles in the harshest of operating environments. Key benefits and specifications of the FracTran include high reliability with a service life up to 25,000 hours, an overhaul that provides a second life without hard parts replacement resulting in low total cost of ownership, and eight ranges available with multiple gear ratio options to meet the unique performance demands of our customers. In addition, the FracTran offers filter and fluid life prognostics, a transmission-mounted control module, torsional measuring diagnostics, and an on-rig telematics gateway.

Allison’s commitment to quality and customer support extends beyond the purpose built FracTran hardware. FracTran will be backed by Allison’s Authorized Service Network of more than 1,400 Allison Authorized Dealers and Distributors. Each location is outfitted with specialized tools and equipment, and teams of trained and certified technicians that will ensure FracTran delivers optimized total cost of ownership by minimizing nonproductive time.

Allison hosted an event at its global headquarters in Indianapolis today to kick off its FracTran road show. Over the next several months, the company will visit dozens of cities in North America to showcase FracTran to our valued customers and industry partners, in preparation for start of production in 2023.

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02 Jun, 2021