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Leading Singapore coach operator switches to Allison fully automatic transmissions

Allison helps improve efficiency and safety on crowded Singapore roads for Tong Tar Transport Service.

SINGAPORE CITY, Singapore - One of Singapore’s largest coach operators, Tong Tar Transport Service, has made a major shift in its bus operations with the introduction of the first buses equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions in the company’s 44-year history.

Tong Tar Transport Service purchased its first Allison automatic transmission equipped bus in April 2011 from Chinese bus manufacturer Zhong Tong and has since added an additional 13 to the fleet. Traditionally, this charter coach operator resisted the switch to automatic transmissions in its buses, believing they were not as economical or reliable as other options.

Recent advances in automatic transmission technology and associated electronics convinced Tong Tar to try Allison-equipped buses, which were found to be equal to manual buses in fuel efficiency and gear change control. With this experiential data, Tong Tar began to reconsider the use of Allison automatics.

“Allison’s unrivalled quality, reliability, durability and vocational value – all backed by industry-leading customer service – are the keys to our success.  The buses delivered to Tong Tar showcase the benefits and features of Allison transmissions: easy manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency, environmental friendliness, safety and riding comfort,” noted Gek Heng Tan, Allison Transmission Commercial Director, South East Asia & Oceania.

General Manager of Tong Tar Transport Service Philip Peh has been very pleased with the performance of the Allison-equipped buses and says he is getting positive feedback from the fleet drivers, too.

“The drivers are very happy with the Allison automatics, and they’ve found that Allison-equipped buses are far less stressful and more comfortable to drive than manual buses, particularly in congested Singapore traffic,” Peh said. “Drivers say they feel more in control using the automatic buses, as well.”

“The reliability has been excellent, and while we haven’t done any definitive comparisons in fuel consumption, they are certainly not using any more fuel than our manuals,” Peh added. “We will definitely be looking to move our entire fleet to automatic transmissions, as a result of our experience with these new Allison-equipped buses.”

01 Aug, 2013

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