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Grupo PLA presents one-of-a-kind fumigation vehicle, equipped with a fully-automatic transmission, in Argentina.

The MAP II 3250 self-propelled pulverizer launches Allison Transmission into Argentina’s agricultural sector

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – As the largest global provider of commercial duty, fully-automatic transmissions, Allison Transmission has recently entered the agricultural market in Argentina. To achieve this goal, Allison has partnered with Grupo PLA, a leading manufacturer of agri-business machinery and components, to build a fumigation vehicle fitted with a fully-automatic transmission. The MAP II 3250, a self-propelled pulverizer, is highly anticipated as the first of its kind locally. Fitted with an Allison 2500 transmission, the prototype was successfully launched and demonstrated at Expoagro, an annual event in Buenos Aires that showcases the latest developments in agricultural machinery.

The vehicles are being built to handle a wide range of terrain under extreme conditions including hard and scorched soils, wet hills and muddy fields.  They must also cope with diverse temperatures ranging from below zero to more than 40 degrees Centigrade.

Hernan Pietrani, from Grupo PLA’s product development area explained, “One of the key advantages of using an automatic transmission in this type of vehicle is that it ensures constant control over the drive wheels.  The driver can now focus solely on vehicle acceleration without worrying about changing gears.  The automatic provides us with the ability to keep the engine speed constant and avoid slowing down to maneuver the vehicle.  Maintaining smooth and constant movement keeps noise levels to a minimum and avoids overheating the engine.”

Pietrani went on to conclude, “When accelerating from a standstill, the engine reaches maximum capacity much quicker than a manual transmission vehicle. With an automatic the engine is not being overworked, and the pulverizing pump is constantly in operation at maximum capacity, ensuring that crops are fertilized with the right amount of product and pressure.”

Mario Burguener, a post-sales mechanic at Grupo PLA accompanying the drivers testing the new fumigation vehicle said, “The vehicle works very well indeed; it drives perfectly and has great performance, while never overworking the engine.”

29 Jul, 2013

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