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Isuzu buses with Allison fully-automatic transmissions increase passenger comfort in Diyarbakır

33 Isuzu Citibus buses equipped with Allison fully-automatic transmissions increase traveling comfort for both passengers and drivers in the congested traffic of Diyarbakır.

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Private Public Buses now offers enhanced service, even in congested traffic, using advanced technology to increase public transport comfort in Diyarbakır, a growing metropolis in Southern Anatolia. As a pioneer in providing public-service vehicles suitable for transporting people with disabilities, Private Public Buses has been operating 23 Allison-equipped Isuzu Citibus buses for almost a year. Following this positive experience, the Turkish company recently took delivery of 10 additional Isuzu buses.

Designed for inner-city transport, the Isuzu Citibus has a low turning radius, is easy to maneuver and features a special ramp in the middle door for the convenience of passengers with disabilities or those who are carrying strollers. The 9.5-meter bus is equipped with a 152kW (204hp) Euro5 engine and an Allison 2000 Series fully-automatic transmission – a drivetrain package delivering improved fuel economy.

Mehmet Pervane, President of Private Public Buses - Cooperative Number 126, explained his experience with Allison transmissions. “As our city continues to expand rapidly, public bus service duty-cycles constitute ongoing stop-start operations. Allison fully-automatic equipped buses provide our passengers with a comfortable, quality traveling experience while in heavy traffic every day.”

“From more than 14 years of driving experience, I believe the most important advantages of an Allison transmission include ideal acceleration in every condition, superior performance and ease of maneuvering. Since there is no need for manual gear changes with an Allison, our drivers can fully focus on the road,” he said.

“Moreover, Allison transmissions provide savings in almost every aspect. They help decrease maintenance costs by eliminating clutch repairs and offering longer maintenance intervals, and they reduce fuel consumption across the fleet,” Pervane continued.

Owners and passengers are not the only ones who speak highly of the new fully-automatic buses. “Our drivers also appreciate the Allison-equipped buses. Operation is safer, and they are less tired at the end of the day. Both passengers and drivers are very happy with the Allison-equipped Isuzu Citibus. Because of their satisfaction and high demand, Diyarbakır Private Public Buses would like the same vehicles to fulfill our future needs,” finished Pervane.

The Allison 2100 model used in these Isuzu Citibus is suitable for buses with engines up to 172kW (230hp). This Allison model offers six forward speeds and one reverse; it features helical gears for quieter operation, a torque converter and uninterrupted power shifts for comfortable and efficient operation. Adaptive shift strategy and an economy calibration contribute to lower fuel consumption.

17 Jul, 2013

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